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Add =head1 LICENSE and the text of the license to the main module in your code.


Add =head1 LICENSE and/or the proper text of the well-known license to the main module in your code.


Add a 'repository' resource to the META.yml via 'meta_add' accessor (for Module::Build) or META_ADD parameter (for ExtUtils::MakeMaker).


Name Abstract Version View
Future::IO::Impl::IOAsync implement C<Future::IO> using C<IO::Async> 0.803 metacpan
IO::Async Asynchronous event-driven programming 0.803 metacpan
IO::Async::Channel pass values into or out from an L<IO::Async::Routine> 0.803 metacpan
IO::Async::Debug debugging control and support for L<IO::Async> 0.803 metacpan
IO::Async::File watch a file for changes 0.803 metacpan
IO::Async::FileStream read the tail of a file 0.803 metacpan
IO::Async::Function call a function asynchronously 0.803 metacpan
IO::Async::Future use L<Future> with L<IO::Async> 0.803 metacpan
IO::Async::Handle event callbacks for a non-blocking file descriptor 0.803 metacpan
IO::Async::Internals::ChildManager 0.803 metacpan
IO::Async::Internals::FunctionWorker 0.803 metacpan
IO::Async::Listener listen on network sockets for incoming connections 0.803 metacpan
IO::Async::Loop core loop of the C<IO::Async> framework 0.803 metacpan
IO::Async::Loop::Poll use C<IO::Async> with C<poll(2)> 0.803 metacpan
IO::Async::Loop::Select use L<IO::Async> with C<select(2)> 0.803 metacpan
IO::Async::LoopTests acceptance testing for L<IO::Async::Loop> subclasses 0.803 metacpan
IO::Async::Metrics report metrics about C<IO::Async> to C<Metrics::Any> 0.803 metacpan
IO::Async::Notifier base class for L<IO::Async> event objects 0.803 metacpan
IO::Async::OS operating system abstractions for C<IO::Async> 0.803 metacpan
IO::Async::OS::MSWin32 operating system abstractions on C<MSWin32> for C<IO::Async> 0.803 metacpan
IO::Async::OS::cygwin operating system abstractions on C<cygwin> for C<IO::Async> 0.803 metacpan
IO::Async::OS::linux operating system abstractions on C<Linux> for L<IO::Async> 0.803 metacpan
IO::Async::PID event callback on exit of a child process 0.803 metacpan
IO::Async::Process start and manage a child process 0.803 metacpan
IO::Async::Protocol base class for transport-based protocols 0.803 metacpan
IO::Async::Protocol::LineStream stream-based protocols using lines of text 0.803 metacpan
IO::Async::Protocol::Stream base class for stream-based protocols 0.803 metacpan
IO::Async::Resolver performing name resolutions asynchronously 0.803 metacpan
IO::Async::Routine execute code in an independent sub-process or thread 0.803 metacpan
IO::Async::Signal event callback on receipt of a POSIX signal 0.803 metacpan
IO::Async::Socket event callbacks and send buffering for a socket filehandle 0.803 metacpan
IO::Async::Stream event callbacks and write bufering for a stream filehandle 0.803 metacpan
IO::Async::Test utility functions for use in test scripts 0.803 metacpan
IO::Async::Timer base class for Notifiers that use timed delays 0.803 metacpan
IO::Async::Timer::Absolute event callback at a fixed future time 0.803 metacpan
IO::Async::Timer::Countdown event callback after a fixed delay 0.803 metacpan
IO::Async::Timer::Periodic event callback at regular intervals 0.803 metacpan

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