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MsOffice::Word::Surgeon tamper with the guts of Microsoft docx documents, with regexes 2.06 metacpan
MsOffice::Word::Surgeon::BookmarkBoundary internal representation for a MsWord bookmark 2.06 metacpan
MsOffice::Word::Surgeon::Carp metacpan
MsOffice::Word::Surgeon::Field internal representation for a MsWord field 2.06 metacpan
MsOffice::Word::Surgeon::PackagePart Operations on a single part within the ZIP package of a docx document 2.06 metacpan
MsOffice::Word::Surgeon::Revision generate XML markup for MsWord revisions 2.06 metacpan
MsOffice::Word::Surgeon::Run internal representation for a "run of text" 2.06 metacpan
MsOffice::Word::Surgeon::Text internal representation for a node of literal text 2.06 metacpan
MsOffice::Word::Surgeon::Utils utility functions for MsOffice::Word::Surgeon 2.06 metacpan

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