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  • POE::Component::Server::IRC


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Name Abstract Version View
POE::Component::IRC A fully event-driven IRC client module 6.93 metacpan
POE::Component::IRC::Common Provides a set of common functions for the L<POE::Component::IRC|POE::Component::IRC> suite 6.93 metacpan
POE::Component::IRC::Constants Defines constants required by L<POE::Component::IRC|POE::Component::IRC> 6.93 metacpan
POE::Component::IRC::Plugin Provides plugin constants and documentation for L<POE::Component::IRC|POE::Component::IRC> 6.93 metacpan
POE::Component::IRC::Plugin::AutoJoin A PoCo-IRC plugin which keeps you on your favorite channels 6.93 metacpan
POE::Component::IRC::Plugin::BotAddressed A PoCo-IRC plugin that generates events when you are addressed 6.93 metacpan
POE::Component::IRC::Plugin::BotCommand A PoCo-IRC plugin which handles commands issued to your bot 6.93 metacpan
POE::Component::IRC::Plugin::BotTraffic A PoCo-IRC plugin that generates events when you send messages 6.93 metacpan
POE::Component::IRC::Plugin::CTCP A PoCo-IRC plugin that auto-responds to CTCP requests 6.93 metacpan
POE::Component::IRC::Plugin::Connector A PoCo-IRC plugin that deals with the messy business of staying connected to an IRC server 6.93 metacpan
POE::Component::IRC::Plugin::Console A PoCo-IRC plugin that provides a lightweight debugging and control console for your bot 6.93 metacpan
POE::Component::IRC::Plugin::CycleEmpty A PoCo-IRC plugin which cycles channels if they become empty and opless. 6.93 metacpan
POE::Component::IRC::Plugin::DCC A PoCo-IRC plugin providing support for DCC transfers 6.93 metacpan
POE::Component::IRC::Plugin::FollowTail A PoCo-IRC plugin to follow the tail of an ever-growing file 6.93 metacpan
POE::Component::IRC::Plugin::ISupport A PoCo-IRC plugin that handles server capabilities 6.93 metacpan
POE::Component::IRC::Plugin::Logger A PoCo-IRC plugin which logs public, private, and DCC chat messages to disk 6.93 metacpan
POE::Component::IRC::Plugin::NickReclaim A PoCo-IRC plugin for reclaiming your nickname 6.93 metacpan
POE::Component::IRC::Plugin::NickServID A PoCo-IRC plugin which identifies with NickServ when needed 6.93 metacpan
POE::Component::IRC::Plugin::PlugMan A PoCo-IRC plugin that provides plugin management services. 6.93 metacpan
POE::Component::IRC::Plugin::Proxy A PoCo-IRC plugin that provides a lightweight IRC proxy/bouncer 6.93 metacpan
POE::Component::IRC::Plugin::Whois A PoCo-IRC plugin that generates events for WHOIS and WHOWAS replies 6.93 metacpan
POE::Component::IRC::Qnet A fully event-driven IRC client module for Quakenet 6.93 metacpan
POE::Component::IRC::Qnet::State A fully event-driven IRC client module for Quakenet with nickname and channel tracking 6.93 metacpan
POE::Component::IRC::State A fully event-driven IRC client module with nickname and channel tracking 6.93 metacpan
POE::Filter::IRC A POE-based parser for the IRC protocol 6.93 metacpan
POE::Filter::IRC::Compat A filter which converts L<POE::Filter::IRCD|POE::Filter::IRCD> output into L<POE::Component::IRC|POE::Component::IRC> events 6.93 metacpan

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