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  • POEx::WorkerPool
  • POEx::WorkerPool::Error
  • POEx::WorkerPool::Error::EnqueueError
  • POEx::WorkerPool::Error::JobError
  • POEx::WorkerPool::Error::NoAvailableWorkers
  • POEx::WorkerPool::Error::StartError
  • POEx::WorkerPool::Role::Job
  • POEx::WorkerPool::Role::WorkerPool
  • POEx::WorkerPool::Role::WorkerPool::OpenEndedWorker
  • POEx::WorkerPool::Role::WorkerPool::Worker
  • POEx::WorkerPool::Role::WorkerPool::Worker::Guts
  • POEx::WorkerPool::Role::WorkerPool::Worker::GutsLoader
  • POEx::WorkerPool::Types
  • POEx::WorkerPool::Worker
  • POEx::WorkerPool::Worker::Guts
  • POEx::WorkerPool::Worker::GutsLoader
  • POEx::WorkerPool::WorkerEvents


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Name Abstract Version View
POEx::WorkerPool A generic multiprocess worker pool for the POE framework 1.102740 metacpan
POEx::WorkerPool::Error Error class for WorkerPool using Throwable 1.102740 metacpan
POEx::WorkerPool::Error::EnqueueError An error class indicating problems enqueuing a job 1.102740 metacpan
POEx::WorkerPool::Error::JobError An error class indicating something failed with the job 1.102740 metacpan
POEx::WorkerPool::Error::NoAvailableWorkers An error class indicating that no workers are available 1.102740 metacpan
POEx::WorkerPool::Error::StartError An error class indicating the Worker queue failed to start 1.102740 metacpan
POEx::WorkerPool::Role::Job Provides a role for common job semantics 1.102740 metacpan
POEx::WorkerPool::Role::WorkerPool A role that provides common semantics for WorkerPools 1.102740 metacpan
POEx::WorkerPool::Role::WorkerPool::OpenEndedWorker A role that provides common semantics for open ended Workers 1.102740 metacpan
POEx::WorkerPool::Role::WorkerPool::Worker A role that provides common semantics for Workers 1.102740 metacpan
POEx::WorkerPool::Role::WorkerPool::Worker::Guts A role that provides common semantics for Worker guts 1.102740 metacpan
POEx::WorkerPool::Role::WorkerPool::Worker::GutsLoader Implementation role of the Guts loader 1.102740 metacpan
POEx::WorkerPool::Types Type constraints for POEx::WorkerPool 1.102740 metacpan
POEx::WorkerPool::Worker A generic worker class for WorkerPool 1.102740 metacpan
POEx::WorkerPool::Worker::Guts A generic sub process implementation for Worker 1.102740 metacpan
POEx::WorkerPool::Worker::GutsLoader A Loader implementation for Worker::Guts 1.102740 metacpan
POEx::WorkerPool::WorkerEvents Exported event symbols for WorkerPool 1.102740 metacpan

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