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Name Abstract Version View
RPC::ExtDirect Easily integrate Perl server code with JavaScript apps 3.24 metacpan
RPC::ExtDirect::API Ext.Direct service discovery handler metacpan
RPC::ExtDirect::API::Action Ext.Direct Action object metacpan
RPC::ExtDirect::API::Hook Ext.Direct Method wrappers metacpan
RPC::ExtDirect::API::Method Ext.Direct Method object metacpan
RPC::ExtDirect::Config Centralized configuration handling for RPC::ExtDirect metacpan
RPC::ExtDirect::Demo::PollProvider Ext.Direct polling provider demo metacpan
RPC::ExtDirect::Demo::Profile Part of Ext.Direct interface demo metacpan
RPC::ExtDirect::Demo::TestAction Part of Ext.Direct interface demo metacpan
RPC::ExtDirect::Deserialize metacpan
RPC::ExtDirect::Event Asynchronous server-to-client events metacpan
RPC::ExtDirect::EventProvider metacpan
RPC::ExtDirect::Exception metacpan
RPC::ExtDirect::NoEvents metacpan
RPC::ExtDirect::Request metacpan
RPC::ExtDirect::Request::PollHandler metacpan
RPC::ExtDirect::Router metacpan
RPC::ExtDirect::Serialize metacpan
RPC::ExtDirect::Serializer metacpan
RPC::ExtDirect::Test::Util metacpan
RPC::ExtDirect::Util metacpan
RPC::ExtDirect::Util::Accessor metacpan

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