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Slack::BlockKit a toolkit for building Block Kit blocks for Slack 0.002 metacpan
Slack::BlockKit::Block::Divider a Block Kit "divider" block 0.002 metacpan
Slack::BlockKit::Block::Header a Block Kit header block 0.002 metacpan
Slack::BlockKit::Block::RichText the top-level rich text block in Block Kit 0.002 metacpan
Slack::BlockKit::Block::RichText::Channel a Block Kit rich text element that mentions a #channel 0.002 metacpan
Slack::BlockKit::Block::RichText::Date a Block Kit rich text element for a formatted date 0.002 metacpan
Slack::BlockKit::Block::RichText::Emoji a Block Kit rich text element for a :colon_code: emoji 0.002 metacpan
Slack::BlockKit::Block::RichText::Link a Block Kit rich text hyperlink element 0.002 metacpan
Slack::BlockKit::Block::RichText::List a Block Kit rich text list element 0.002 metacpan
Slack::BlockKit::Block::RichText::Preformatted a Block Kit preformatted rich text element 0.002 metacpan
Slack::BlockKit::Block::RichText::Quote a Block Kit rich text "quoted text" block 0.002 metacpan
Slack::BlockKit::Block::RichText::Section a collection of rich text elements 0.002 metacpan
Slack::BlockKit::Block::RichText::Text a Block Kit rich text object for the text in the rich text 0.002 metacpan
Slack::BlockKit::Block::RichText::User a Block Kit rich text element that mentions a @user 0.002 metacpan
Slack::BlockKit::Block::RichText::UserGroup a Block Kit rich text element that mentions a @usergroup 0.002 metacpan
Slack::BlockKit::Block::Section a Block Kit section block, used to collect text 0.002 metacpan
Slack::BlockKit::BlockCollection a collection of Block Kit blocks 0.002 metacpan
Slack::BlockKit::CompObj::Text a Block Kit "composition object" for text 0.002 metacpan
Slack::BlockKit::Role::Block a Block Kit block object 0.002 metacpan
Slack::BlockKit::Role::HasBasicStyle a Block Kit element with optional (bold, code, italic, strike) styles 0.002 metacpan
Slack::BlockKit::Role::HasMentionStyle a Block Kit element with a bunch of styles 0.002 metacpan
Slack::BlockKit::Role::HasStyle a parameterized role for objects with styles 0.002 metacpan
Slack::BlockKit::Sugar sugar for building Block Kit structures easily (start here!) 0.002 metacpan
Slack::BlockKit::Types Moose type constraints used internally by Slack::Block Kit 0.002 metacpan

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