Kwalitee Issues

No Core Issues.


Add =head1 LICENSE and/or the proper text of the well-known license to the main module in your code.


This is not a critical issue. Currently mainly informative for the CPANTS authors. It might be removed later.


Add a 'repository' resource to the META.yml via 'meta_add' accessor (for Module::Build) or META_ADD parameter (for ExtUtils::MakeMaker).


Name Abstract Version View
Test::Approvals Capture human intelligence in your tests v0.0.5 metacpan
Test::Approvals::Core::FileApprover Verify two files are the same v0.0.5 metacpan
Test::Approvals::Namers::DefaultNamer Default algorithm for generating names v0.0.5 metacpan
Test::Approvals::Reporters 'use' all the available reporters v0.0.5 metacpan
Test::Approvals::Reporters::AndReporter Report with multiple reporters v0.0.5 metacpan
Test::Approvals::Reporters::BeyondCompareReporter Report with BeyondCompare v0.0.5 metacpan
Test::Approvals::Reporters::CodeCompareReporter Report with CodeCompare v0.0.5 metacpan
Test::Approvals::Reporters::DiffReporter v0.0.5 metacpan
Test::Approvals::Reporters::EnvironmentAwareReporter v0.0.5 metacpan
Test::Approvals::Reporters::FakeReporter Reporter which doesn't actually do anything, but you can check to see if it was called. v0.0.5 metacpan
Test::Approvals::Reporters::FileLauncherReporter Use Windows file associations to display the file. v0.0.5 metacpan
Test::Approvals::Reporters::FirstWorkingReporter Report using the first reporter that appears to be working in the test environment. v0.0.5 metacpan
Test::Approvals::Reporters::IntroductionReporter Print diagnostic message explaining reporter usage. v0.0.5 metacpan
Test::Approvals::Reporters::KDiffReporter Report failure with KDiff. v0.0.5 metacpan
Test::Approvals::Reporters::MultiReporter Provides a role for aggregate reporters to extend. v0.0.5 metacpan
Test::Approvals::Reporters::P4MergeReporter Report failures with P4Merge v0.0.5 metacpan
Test::Approvals::Reporters::Reporter Defines a role for reporters to extend. v0.0.5 metacpan
Test::Approvals::Reporters::TortoiseDiffReporter Report failures with TortoiseMerge v0.0.5 metacpan
Test::Approvals::Reporters::Win32Reporter Generic base for creating reporters that work on Windows. v0.0.5 metacpan
Test::Approvals::Reporters::WinMergeReporter Report failure with WinMerge v0.0.5 metacpan
Test::Approvals::Specs Tiny BDD Tools v0.0.5 metacpan
Test::Approvals::Writers::TextWriter Writes text to files v0.0.5 metacpan

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