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WebService::AbuseIPDB Client for the API (version 2) of AbuseIPDB 0.03 metacpan
WebService::AbuseIPDB::BlacklistMember Class for one item of the returned blacklist 0.03 metacpan
WebService::AbuseIPDB::BlacklistResponse Specific class for responses to blacklist method 0.03 metacpan
WebService::AbuseIPDB::Category Category names and numbers for WebService::AbuseIPDB 0.03 metacpan
WebService::AbuseIPDB::CheckResponse Specific class for responses to check method 0.03 metacpan
WebService::AbuseIPDB::ReportResponse Specific class for responses to the C<report> method of L<WebService::AbuseIPDB>. 0.03 metacpan
WebService::AbuseIPDB::Response Generic class for API responses 0.03 metacpan

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