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List all modules used in the test suite in META.yml test_requires


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Name Abstract Version View
Business::CPI Common Payment Interface 0.924 metacpan
Business::CPI::Base::Account General implementation of Account role 0.924 metacpan
Business::CPI::Base::Account::Address General implementation of Account::Address role 0.924 metacpan
Business::CPI::Base::Account::Business General implementation of Account::Business role 0.924 metacpan
Business::CPI::Base::Buyer General implementation of Buyer role 0.924 metacpan
Business::CPI::Base::Cart General implementation of Cart role 0.924 metacpan
Business::CPI::Base::Exception General implementation of Item role 0.924 metacpan
Business::CPI::Base::Item General implementation of Item role 0.924 metacpan
Business::CPI::Base::Receiver General implementation of Receiver role 0.924 metacpan
Business::CPI::Base::Status General implementation of Status role 0.924 metacpan
Business::CPI::Gateway::Base Father of all gateways 0.924 metacpan
Business::CPI::Gateway::Test Fake gateway 0.924 metacpan
Business::CPI::Role::Account Manage accounts in the gateway 0.924 metacpan
Business::CPI::Role::Account::Address Business::CPI role for Addresses 0.924 metacpan
Business::CPI::Role::Account::Business Business::CPI representation of corporations 0.924 metacpan
Business::CPI::Role::Buyer Information about the client 0.924 metacpan
Business::CPI::Role::Cart Shopping cart or an order 0.924 metacpan
Business::CPI::Role::Exception Exceptions from the gateway 0.924 metacpan
Business::CPI::Role::Gateway::Base Basic role for all gateway drivers 0.924 metacpan
Business::CPI::Role::Gateway::FormCheckout Provide a checkout with simple HTML forms 0.924 metacpan
Business::CPI::Role::Item Role to represent a product in the cart 0.924 metacpan
Business::CPI::Role::Receiver The person receiving the money 0.924 metacpan
Business::CPI::Role::Status Status of operations in the gateway 0.924 metacpan
Business::CPI::Util Utilities for Business::CPI 0.924 metacpan
Business::CPI::Util::EmptyLogger Default null logger 0.924 metacpan
Business::CPI::Util::Types Basic types for Business::CPI 0.924 metacpan

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