Kwalitee Issues


List all used modules in META.yml requires


  • Module::Pluggable


Add a META.json to the distribution. Your buildtool should be able to autogenerate it.


Name Abstract Version View
Test::Apocalypse Apocalypse's favorite tests bundled into a simple interface 0.04 metacpan
Test::Apocalypse::CheckChanges Plugin for Test::CheckChanges 0.04 metacpan
Test::Apocalypse::Compile Plugin for Test::Compile 0.04 metacpan
Test::Apocalypse::DOSnewline Plugin to detect presence of DOS newlines 0.04 metacpan
Test::Apocalypse::Dependencies Plugin for Test::Dependencies 0.04 metacpan
Test::Apocalypse::DirChecks Plugin to test for directory sanity 0.04 metacpan
Test::Apocalypse::DistManifest Plugin for Test::DistManifest 0.04 metacpan
Test::Apocalypse::Distribution Plugin for Test::Distribution 0.04 metacpan
Test::Apocalypse::FileChecks Plugin to test for file sanity 0.04 metacpan
Test::Apocalypse::FilePortability Plugin for Test::Portability::Files 0.04 metacpan
Test::Apocalypse::Fixme Plugin for Test::Fixme 0.04 metacpan
Test::Apocalypse::HasVersion Plugin for Test::HasVersion 0.04 metacpan
Test::Apocalypse::Kwalitee Plugin for Test::Kwalitee 0.04 metacpan
Test::Apocalypse::METAyml Plugin for Test::YAML::Meta 0.04 metacpan
Test::Apocalypse::MinimumVersion Plugin for Test::MinimumVersion 0.04 metacpan
Test::Apocalypse::OutdatedPrereqs Plugin to detect outdated prereqs 0.04 metacpan
Test::Apocalypse::PPPort Plugin to test for Devel::PPPort warnings 0.04 metacpan
Test::Apocalypse::PerlCritic Plugin for Test::Perl::Critic 0.04 metacpan
Test::Apocalypse::PerlMetrics Plugin for Perl::Metrics::Simple 0.04 metacpan
Test::Apocalypse::Pod Plugin for Test::Pod 0.04 metacpan
Test::Apocalypse::Pod_Coverage Plugin for Test::Pod::Coverage 0.04 metacpan
Test::Apocalypse::Pod_Spelling Plugin for Test::Spelling 0.04 metacpan
Test::Apocalypse::Prereq Plugin for Test::Prereq 0.04 metacpan
Test::Apocalypse::Prereq_Build Plugin for Test::Prereq::Build 0.04 metacpan
Test::Apocalypse::Signature Plugin for Test::Signature 0.04 metacpan
Test::Apocalypse::Strict Plugin for Test::Strict 0.04 metacpan
Test::Apocalypse::UseAllModules Plugin for Test::UseAllModules 0.04 metacpan

Other Files

Build.PL metacpan
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MANIFEST metacpan
META.yml metacpan
Makefile.PL metacpan
README metacpan