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Name Abstract Version View
Archive::BagIt An interface to make and verify bags according to the BagIt standard 0.056 metacpan
Archive::BagIt::Base 0.056 metacpan
Archive::BagIt::DotBagIt The inside-out version of BagIt 0.056 metacpan
Archive::BagIt::Fast For people who are willing to rely on some other modules in order to get better performance 0.056 metacpan
Archive::BagIt::Plugin::Algorithm::MD5 The default MD5 algorithm plugin metacpan
Archive::BagIt::Plugin::Algorithm::SHA512 The default SHA algorithms plugin metacpan
Archive::BagIt::Plugin::Manifest::MD5 The md5 plugin (default) metacpan
Archive::BagIt::Plugin::Manifest::SHA512 The md5 plugin (default) metacpan
Archive::BagIt::Role::Algorithm A role that defines the interface to a hashing algorithm metacpan
Archive::BagIt::Role::Manifest metacpan
Archive::BagIt::Role::Plugin metacpan

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