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GitLab::API::v4 A complete GitLab API v4 client. 0.20 metacpan
GitLab::API::v4::Config Load configuration from a file, environment, and/or CLI options. 0.20 metacpan
GitLab::API::v4::Constants GitLab API v4 constants. 0.20 metacpan
GitLab::API::v4::Mock Mock API object for testing. 0.20 metacpan
GitLab::API::v4::Mock::Engine Mocking the internals of a GitLab server. 0.20 metacpan
GitLab::API::v4::Mock::RESTClient Mocked REST client that doesn't actually make HTTP requests. 0.20 metacpan
GitLab::API::v4::Paginator Iterate through paginated GitLab v4 API records. 0.20 metacpan
GitLab::API::v4::RESTClient The HTTP client that does the heavy lifting. 0.20 metacpan
GitLab::API::v4::WWWClient A client that works against the GitLab web site. 0.20 metacpan

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