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School::Code::Compare 'naive' metrics for code similarity 0.104 metacpan
School::Code::Compare::Charset remove whitespace, comments and unessential chars from text 0.104 metacpan
School::Code::Compare::Charset::NoComments::Hashy trim comments 0.104 metacpan
School::Code::Compare::Charset::NoComments::Slashy trim comments 0.104 metacpan
School::Code::Compare::Charset::NoComments::XMLy trim comments 0.104 metacpan
School::Code::Compare::Charset::NoWhitespace trim whitespace since it's mostly irrelevant 0.104 metacpan
School::Code::Compare::Charset::NumSignes collapse words and numbers into abstract placeholders 0.104 metacpan
School::Code::Compare::Charset::Signes remove word characters completely 0.104 metacpan
School::Code::Compare::Judge guess if two strings are so similar, that it's maybe cheating 0.104 metacpan
School::Code::Compare::Options don't clutter app with parsing of arguments 0.104 metacpan
School::Code::Compare::Out organize the output to different formats 0.104 metacpan
School::Code::Compare::Out::Template::Path pseudo class to help locating the path of the template files 0.104 metacpan

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