Kwalitee Issues


Take a look at the META.yml Spec at (for version 1.4) or (for version 2), and change your META.yml accordingly.

Error: '' for 'Carp' is not a valid version. (requires -> Carp) [Validation: 1.4];'' for 'Date::Format' is not a valid version. (requires -> Date::Format) [Validation: 1.4];'' for 'Devel::GlobalDestruction' is not a valid version. (requires -> Devel::GlobalDestruction) [Validation: 1.4];'' for 'File::Path' is not a valid version. (requires -> File::Path) [Validation: 1.4];'' for 'File::Temp' is not a valid version. (requires -> File::Temp) [Validation: 1.4];'' for 'JSON' is not a valid version. (requires -> JSON) [Validation: 1.4];'' for 'List::MoreUtils' is not a valid version. (requires -> List::MoreUtils) [Validation: 1.4];'' for 'MRO::Compat' is not a valid version. (requires -> MRO::Compat) [Validation: 1.4];'' for 'Path::Class' is not a valid version. (requires -> Path::Class) [Validation: 1.4];'' for 'Test::Fork' is not a valid version. (requires -> Test::Fork) [Validation: 1.4];'' for 'Text::Glob' is not a valid version. (requires -> Text::Glob) [Validation: 1.4];'' for 'YAML' is not a valid version. (requires -> YAML) [Validation: 1.4];'' for 'version' is not a valid version. (requires -> version) [Validation: 1.4]


Add 'use strict' (or its equivalents) to all modules, or convince us that your favorite module is well-known enough and people can easily see the modules are strictly written.

Error: UR::Object::Command::List::Style


Remove the POD errors. You can check for POD errors automatically by including Test::Pod to your test suite.

Error: UR-0.41/lib/UR/ -- Around line 3768: Expected text after =item, not a number UR-0.41/lib/UR/ -- Around line 90: =over without closing =back UR-0.41/lib/UR/Namespace/Command/Test/ -- Around line 1026: =over without closing =back UR-0.41/lib/UR/Namespace/Command/Update/ -- Around line 587: =cut found outside a pod block. Skipping to next block. Around line 629: =cut found outside a pod block. Skipping to next block. UR-0.41/lib/UR/Object/Type.pod -- Around line 417: You forgot a '=back' before '=head1' Around line 419: '=item' outside of any '=over' UR-0.41/lib/UR/ -- Around line 339: =over without closing =back


Add 'use warnings' (or its equivalents) to all modules, or convince us that your favorite module is well-known enough and people can easily see the modules warn when something bad happens.

Error: UR::BoolExpr::BxParser, UR::Object::Command::List::Style


Split the distribution, or fix the version numbers to make them consistent (use the highest version number to avoid version downgrade).

Error: 0.02,0.41,1.05,2


Add a 'repository' resource to the META.yml via 'meta_add' accessor (for Module::Build) or META_ADD parameter (for ExtUtils::MakeMaker).


Name Abstract Version View
Command base class for modules implementing the command pattern 0.41 metacpan
Command::DynamicSubCommands auto-generate sub-commands based on other classes 0 metacpan
Command::Shell 0 metacpan
Command::SubCommandFactory 0 metacpan
Command::Test 0 metacpan
Command::Test::Echo 0 metacpan
Command::Test::Tree1 0 metacpan
Command::Test::Tree1::Echo1 0 metacpan
Command::Test::Tree1::Echo2 0 metacpan
Command::Tree 0.41 metacpan
Command::V1 0.41 metacpan
Command::V2 0.41 metacpan
Devel::callsfrom 0 metacpan
My::TAP::Parser::Iterator::Process::LSF 0 metacpan
My::TAP::Parser::IteratorFactory::LSF 0 metacpan
My::TAP::Parser::Multiplexer 0 metacpan
My::TAP::Parser::Scheduler 0 metacpan
My::TAP::Parser::Timer 0 metacpan
UR rich declarative transactional objects 0.41 metacpan
UR::All 0.41 metacpan
UR::BoolExpr a "where clause" for objects 0.41 metacpan
UR::BoolExpr::BxParser 0 metacpan
UR::BoolExpr::BxParser::Yapp::Driver 1.05 metacpan
UR::BoolExpr::Template a UR::BoolExpr minus specific values 0.41 metacpan
UR::BoolExpr::Template::And 0.41 metacpan
UR::BoolExpr::Template::Composite 0.41 metacpan
UR::BoolExpr::Template::Or 0.41 metacpan
UR::BoolExpr::Template::PropertyComparison implements logic for rules with a logic_type of "PropertyComparison" 0.41 metacpan
UR::BoolExpr::Template::PropertyComparison::Between perform a 'between' test 0.41 metacpan
UR::BoolExpr::Template::PropertyComparison::Equals perform a strictly equals test 0.41 metacpan
UR::BoolExpr::Template::PropertyComparison::False evaluates to true if the property's value is false 0.41 metacpan
UR::BoolExpr::Template::PropertyComparison::GreaterOrEqual perform a greater than or equal test 0.41 metacpan
UR::BoolExpr::Template::PropertyComparison::GreaterThan perform a greater than test 0.41 metacpan
UR::BoolExpr::Template::PropertyComparison::In perform an In test 0.41 metacpan
UR::BoolExpr::Template::PropertyComparison::LessOrEqual perform a less than or equal test 0.41 metacpan
UR::BoolExpr::Template::PropertyComparison::LessThan perform a less than test 0.41 metacpan
UR::BoolExpr::Template::PropertyComparison::Like perform an SQL-ish like test 0.41 metacpan
UR::BoolExpr::Template::PropertyComparison::Matches perform a Perl regular expression match 0.41 metacpan
UR::BoolExpr::Template::PropertyComparison::NotEqual perform a not-equal test 0.41 metacpan
UR::BoolExpr::Template::PropertyComparison::NotIn perform a negated In comparison 0.41 metacpan
UR::BoolExpr::Template::PropertyComparison::NotLike perform a negated SQL-ish like test 0.41 metacpan
UR::BoolExpr::Template::PropertyComparison::True Evaluates to true if the property's value is true 0.41 metacpan
UR::BoolExpr::Util non-OO module to collect utility functions used by the BoolExpr modules 0.41 metacpan
UR::Change 0.41 metacpan
UR::Context Manage the current state of the application 0.41 metacpan
UR::Context::DefaultRoot The base context used when no special base context is specified 0.41 metacpan
UR::Context::LoadingIterator 0.41 metacpan
UR::Context::ObjectFabricator Track closures used to fabricate objects from data sources 0.41 metacpan
UR::Context::Process Impliments a generic interface to the current application. 0.41 metacpan
UR::Context::Root 0.41 metacpan
UR::Context::Transaction API for software transactions 0.41 metacpan
UR::DBI methods for interacting with a database. 0.41 metacpan
UR::DBI::Report a database report interface 0.41 metacpan
UR::DBI::db 0 metacpan
UR::DBI::st 0 metacpan
UR::DataSource manage the the relationship between objects and a specific storage system 0.41 metacpan
UR::DataSource::CSV Parent class for data sources using DBD::CSV 0.41 metacpan
UR::DataSource::Code 0.41 metacpan
UR::DataSource::Default 0.41 metacpan
UR::DataSource::File Parent class for file-based data sources 0.41 metacpan
UR::DataSource::FileMux Parent class for datasources which can multiplex many files together 0.41 metacpan
UR::DataSource::Filesystem Get and save objects to delimited text files 0.41 metacpan
UR::DataSource::Meta Data source for the MetaDB 0.41 metacpan
UR::DataSource::MySQL MySQL specific subclass of UR::DataSource::RDBMS 0.41 metacpan
UR::DataSource::Oracle Oracle specific subclass of UR::DataSource::RDBMS 0.41 metacpan
UR::DataSource::Pg PostgreSQL specific subclass of UR::DataSource::RDBMS 0.41 metacpan
UR::DataSource::QueryPlan 0.41 metacpan
UR::DataSource::RDBMS Abstract base class for RDBMS-type data sources 0.41 metacpan
UR::DataSource::RDBMS::BitmapIndex metadata about a data source's bitmap indexes 0.41 metacpan
UR::DataSource::RDBMS::Entity 0.41 metacpan
UR::DataSource::RDBMS::FkConstraint metadata about a data source's foreign keys 0.41 metacpan
UR::DataSource::RDBMS::FkConstraintColumn metadata about a data source's foreign keys 0.41 metacpan
UR::DataSource::RDBMS::PkConstraintColumn metadata about a data source's primary keys 0.41 metacpan
UR::DataSource::RDBMS::Table 0.41 metacpan
UR::DataSource::RDBMS::Table::View::Default::Text View class for RDBMS table objects 0.41 metacpan
UR::DataSource::RDBMS::TableColumn metadata about a data source's table's columns 0.41 metacpan
UR::DataSource::RDBMS::TableColumn::View::Default::Text View class for RDBMS column objects 0.41 metacpan
UR::DataSource::RDBMS::UniqueConstraintColumn metadata about a data source's unique constraints 0.41 metacpan
UR::DataSource::SQLite base class for datasources using the SQLite3 RDBMS 0.41 metacpan
UR::DataSource::ValueDomain 0.41 metacpan
UR::Debug Controls for debugging behavior 0.41 metacpan
UR::DeletedRef Represents an instance of a no-longer-existent object 0.41 metacpan
UR::Doc::Pod2Html 0.41 metacpan
UR::Doc::Section 0.41 metacpan
UR::Doc::Writer 0.41 metacpan
UR::Doc::Writer::Html 0.41 metacpan
UR::Doc::Writer::Pod 0.41 metacpan
UR::Env::UR_CONTEXT_BASE 0.41 metacpan
UR::Env::UR_CONTEXT_LIBS 0.41 metacpan
UR::Env::UR_CONTEXT_ROOT 0.41 metacpan
UR::Env::UR_DBI_EXPLAIN_SQL_IF 0.41 metacpan
UR::Env::UR_DBI_EXPLAIN_SQL_MATCH 0.41 metacpan
UR::Env::UR_DBI_EXPLAIN_SQL_SLOW 0.41 metacpan
UR::Env::UR_DBI_MONITOR_DML 0.41 metacpan
UR::Env::UR_DBI_MONITOR_SQL 0.41 metacpan
UR::Env::UR_DBI_NO_COMMIT 0.41 metacpan
UR::Env::UR_DBI_SUMMARIZE_SQL 0.41 metacpan
UR::Env::UR_DEBUG_OBJECT_PRUNING 0.41 metacpan
UR::Env::UR_DEBUG_OBJECT_RELEASE 0.41 metacpan
UR::Env::UR_IGNORE 0.41 metacpan
UR::Env::UR_NO_REQUIRE_USER_VERIFY 0.41 metacpan
UR::Env::UR_NR_CPU 0.41 metacpan
UR::Env::UR_RUN_LONG_TESTS 0.41 metacpan
UR::Env::UR_STACK_DUMP_ON_DIE 0.41 metacpan
UR::Env::UR_STACK_DUMP_ON_WARN 0.41 metacpan
UR::Env::UR_TEST_FILLDB 0.41 metacpan
UR::Env::UR_TEST_QUIET 0.41 metacpan
UR::Env::UR_USED_MODS 0.41 metacpan
UR::Env::UR_USE_ANY 0.41 metacpan
UR::Exit methods to allow clean application exits. 0.41 metacpan
UR::ModuleBase Methods common to all UR classes and object instances. 0.41 metacpan
UR::ModuleBase::Message 0 metacpan
UR::ModuleBuild a Module::Build subclass with UR extensions 0 metacpan
UR::ModuleConfig manage dynamic configuration of modules. 0.41 metacpan
UR::ModuleLoader UR hooks into Class::Autouse 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace Manage collections of packages and classes 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::Command Top-level Command module for the UR namespace commands 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::Command::Base 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::Command::Define 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::Command::Define::Class 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::Command::Define::Datasource 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::Command::Define::Datasource::File 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::Command::Define::Datasource::Mysql 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::Command::Define::Datasource::Oracle 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::Command::Define::Datasource::Pg 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::Command::Define::Datasource::Rdbms 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::Command::Define::Datasource::RdbmsWithAuth 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::Command::Define::Datasource::Sqlite 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::Command::Define::Db 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::Command::Define::Namespace 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::Command::Init 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::Command::List 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::Command::List::Classes 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::Command::List::Modules 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::Command::List::Objects 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::Command::Old 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::Command::Old::DiffRewrite 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::Command::Old::DiffUpdate 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::Command::Old::ExportDbicClasses 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::Command::Old::Info 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::Command::Old::Redescribe 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::Command::RunsOnModulesInTree 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::Command::Show 0 metacpan
UR::Namespace::Command::Show::Properties 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::Command::Show::Schema 0 metacpan
UR::Namespace::Command::Show::Subclasses 0 metacpan
UR::Namespace::Command::Sys 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::Command::Sys::ClassBrowser 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::Command::Test 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::Command::Test::Callcount 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::Command::Test::Callcount::List 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::Command::Test::Compile 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::Command::Test::Eval 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::Command::Test::Run 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::Command::Test::TrackObjectRelease 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::Command::Test::Use 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::Command::Test::Window 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::Command::Test::Window::Tk 0 metacpan
UR::Namespace::Command::Update 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::Command::Update::ClassDiagram 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::Command::Update::ClassesFromDb 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::Command::Update::Doc 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::Command::Update::Pod 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::Command::Update::RenameClass 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::Command::Update::RewriteClassHeader 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::Command::Update::SchemaDiagram 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::Command::Update::TabCompletionSpec 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::View::SchemaBrowser::CgiApp View class for metadata via the browser namespace command 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::View::SchemaBrowser::CgiApp::Base 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::View::SchemaBrowser::CgiApp::Class 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::View::SchemaBrowser::CgiApp::File 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::View::SchemaBrowser::CgiApp::Index 0.41 metacpan
UR::Namespace::View::SchemaBrowser::CgiApp::Schema 0.41 metacpan
UR::Object transactional, queryable, process-independent entities 0.41 metacpan
UR::Object::Accessorized 0.41 metacpan
UR::Object::Command::FetchAndDo Base class for fetching objects and then performing a function on/with them. 0.41 metacpan
UR::Object::Command::List Fetches and lists objects in different styles. 0.41 metacpan
UR::Object::Command::List::Csv 0 metacpan
UR::Object::Command::List::Html 0 metacpan
UR::Object::Command::List::Newtext 0 metacpan
UR::Object::Command::List::Pretty 0 metacpan
UR::Object::Command::List::Style 0.41 metacpan
UR::Object::Command::List::Text 0 metacpan
UR::Object::Command::List::Tsv 0 metacpan
UR::Object::Command::List::Xml 0 metacpan
UR::Object::Ghost Abstract class for representing deleted objects not yet committed 0.41 metacpan
UR::Object::Index Indexing system for retrieving objects by non-id properties 0.41 metacpan
UR::Object::Iterator API for iterating through objects matching a rule 0.41 metacpan
UR::Object::Join 0.41 metacpan
UR::Object::Property Class representing metadata about a class property 0.41 metacpan
UR::Object::Property::View::Default::Text View class for UR::Object::Property 0.41 metacpan
UR::Object::Property::View::DescriptionLineItem::Text View class for UR::Object::Property 0.41 metacpan
UR::Object::Property::View::ReferenceDescription::Text 0.41 metacpan
UR::Object::Set 0.41 metacpan
UR::Object::Set::View::Default::Html 0.41 metacpan
UR::Object::Set::View::Default::Json 0.41 metacpan
UR::Object::Set::View::Default::Text 0.41 metacpan
UR::Object::Set::View::Default::Xml 0.41 metacpan
UR::Object::Tag Transitory attribute tags for a UR::Object at a given time. 0.41 metacpan
UR::Object::Type a meta-class for any class or primitive type 0.41 metacpan
UR::Object::Type::AccessorWriter Helper module for UR::Object::Type responsible for creating accessors for properties 0 metacpan
UR::Object::Type::AccessorWriter::Product Implements a calculation accessor which multiplies the values of its properties 0.41 metacpan
UR::Object::Type::AccessorWriter::Sum Implements a calculation accessor which sums the values of its properties 0.41 metacpan
UR::Object::Type::Initializer Class definition syntax 0 metacpan
UR::Object::Type::ModuleWriter Helper module for UR::Object::Type responsible for writing Perl modules 0 metacpan
UR::Object::Type::View::AvailableViews::Json 0.41 metacpan
UR::Object::Type::View::AvailableViews::Xml 0.41 metacpan
UR::Object::Type::View::Default::Text View class for class metaobjects 0.41 metacpan
UR::Object::Type::View::Default::Xml View class for class metaobjects 0.41 metacpan
UR::Object::Value 0.41 metacpan
UR::Object::View a base class for "views" of UR::Objects 0.41 metacpan
UR::Object::View::Aspect a specification for one aspect of a view 0.41 metacpan
UR::Object::View::Default::Gtk Gtk adaptor for object views 0.41 metacpan
UR::Object::View::Default::Gtk2 Gtk2 adaptor for object views 0.41 metacpan
UR::Object::View::Default::Html represent object state in HTML format 0.41 metacpan
UR::Object::View::Default::Json 0.41 metacpan
UR::Object::View::Default::Text object views in text format 0.41 metacpan
UR::Object::View::Default::Xml represent object state in XML format 0.41 metacpan
UR::Object::View::Default::Xsl base class for views which use XSL on an XML view to generate content 0.41 metacpan
UR::Object::View::Lister::Text 0.41 metacpan
UR::Object::View::Static::Html represent object state in HTML format 0.41 metacpan
UR::Object::View::Toolkit 0.41 metacpan
UR::Object::View::Toolkit::Text Declaration of Text as a View toolkit type 0.41 metacpan
UR::Observer bind callbacks to object changes 0.41 metacpan
UR::Service::JsonRpcServer A self-contained JSON-RPC server for UR namespaces 0.41 metacpan
UR::Service::RPC::Executer Base class for modules implementing RPC executers 0.41 metacpan
UR::Service::RPC::Message Serializable object appropriate for sending RPC messages 0.41 metacpan
UR::Service::RPC::Server Class for implementing RPC servers 0.41 metacpan
UR::Service::RPC::TcpConnectionListener 0.41 metacpan
UR::Singleton Abstract class for implementing singleton objects 0.41 metacpan
UR::Test 0.41 metacpan
UR::Util Collection of utility subroutines and methods 0.41 metacpan
UR::Value 0.41 metacpan
UR::Value::ARRAY 0.41 metacpan
UR::Value::Blob 0.41 metacpan
UR::Value::Boolean 0.41 metacpan
UR::Value::Boolean::View::Default::Text 0.41 metacpan
UR::Value::CODE 0.41 metacpan
UR::Value::CSV 0.41 metacpan
UR::Value::DateTime 0.41 metacpan
UR::Value::Decimal 0.41 metacpan
UR::Value::DirectoryPath 0.41 metacpan
UR::Value::FOF 0.41 metacpan
UR::Value::FilePath 0.41 metacpan
UR::Value::FilesystemPath 0.41 metacpan
UR::Value::Float 0.41 metacpan
UR::Value::GLOB 0.41 metacpan
UR::Value::HASH 0.41 metacpan
UR::Value::Integer 0.41 metacpan
UR::Value::Iterator 0.41 metacpan
UR::Value::Number 0.41 metacpan
UR::Value::PerlReference 0.41 metacpan
UR::Value::REF 0.41 metacpan
UR::Value::SCALAR 0.41 metacpan
UR::Value::Set 0.41 metacpan
UR::Value::SloppyPrimitive 0.41 metacpan
UR::Value::String 0.41 metacpan
UR::Value::Text 0.41 metacpan
UR::Value::Timestamp 0.41 metacpan
UR::Value::URL 0.41 metacpan
UR::Value::View::Default::Html 0 metacpan
UR::Value::View::Default::Json 0 metacpan
UR::Value::View::Default::Text 0 metacpan
UR::Value::View::Default::Xml 0 metacpan
UR::Vocabulary 0.41 metacpan
above auto "use lib" when a module is in the tree of the PWD 0.02 metacpan
class_name 2 metacpan

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