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Error: 0.01,0.04,0.06,0.07,0.10,0.13


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Name Abstract Version View
PostScript::Report Produce formatted reports in PostScript 0.13 metacpan
PostScript::Report::Builder Build a PostScript::Report object 0.13 metacpan
PostScript::Report::Checkbox A checkbox with no label 0.10 metacpan
PostScript::Report::Field A simple field with no label 0.10 metacpan
PostScript::Report::FieldTL A field with a label in the top left corner 0.10 metacpan
PostScript::Report::Font Represents a PostScript font 0.06 metacpan
PostScript::Report::HBox Hold components in a horizontal row 0.01 metacpan
PostScript::Report::Image Include an EPS file 0.06 metacpan
PostScript::Report::LinkField A field that can contain hyperlinks 0.10 metacpan
PostScript::Report::Role::Component Something that can be drawn 0.10 metacpan
PostScript::Report::Role::Container A component that has components 0.07 metacpan
PostScript::Report::Role::Value Something that returns a field value 0.01 metacpan
PostScript::Report::Spacer Leave blank space in a report 0.01 metacpan
PostScript::Report::Types type library for PostScript::Report 0.13 metacpan
PostScript::Report::VBox Hold components in a vertical column 0.04 metacpan
PostScript::Report::Value::Constant Return a constant value 0.01 metacpan
PostScript::Report::Value::Page Evaluate a page number expression 0.01 metacpan

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