Kwalitee Issues


Add 'use strict' (or its equivalents) to all modules, or convince us that your favorite module is well-known enough and people can easily see the modules are strictly written.

Error: SVK::Editor, SVK::Editor::ByPass, SVK::Log::ChangedPath, SVK::Log::ChangedPaths, SVK::Log::Filter::Output, SVK::Log::Filter::Selection, SVK::Log::Filter::Std, SVK::Merge::Info, SVK::View


Remove the POD errors. You can check for POD errors automatically by including Test::Pod to your test suite.

Error: SVK-v2.2.3/lib/SVK/ -- Around line 67: =over without closing =back SVK-v2.2.3/lib/SVK/Help/zh_cn/Index.pod -- Around line 53: Non-ASCII character seen before =encoding in '说明索引'. Assuming CP1252 SVK-v2.2.3/lib/SVK/Help/zh_tw/Index.pod -- Around line 53: Non-ASCII character seen before =encoding in '說明索引'. Assuming CP1252 SVK-v2.2.3/lib/SVK/Mirror/Backend/ -- Around line 377: =over without closing =back


If you are using Build.PL define the {requires}{perl} = VERSION field. If you are using MakeMaker (Makefile.PL) you should upgrade ExtUtils::MakeMaker to 6.48 and use MIN_PERL_VERSION parameter. Perl::MinimumVersion can help you determine which version of Perl your module needs.


Add a META.json to the distribution. Your buildtool should be able to autogenerate it.


Add 'use warnings' (or its equivalents) to all modules, or convince us that your favorite module is well-known enough and people can easily see the modules warn when something bad happens.

Error: SVK, SVK::Accessor, SVK::Command, SVK::Command::Add, SVK::Command::Admin, SVK::Command::Annotate, SVK::Command::Branch, SVK::Command::Cat, SVK::Command::Checkout, SVK::Command::Cleanup, SVK::Command::Cmerge, SVK::Command::Commit, SVK::Command::Copy, SVK::Command::Delete, SVK::Command::Depotmap, SVK::Command::Describe, SVK::Command::Diff, SVK::Command::Help, SVK::Command::Ignore, SVK::Command::Import, SVK::Command::Info, SVK::Command::List, SVK::Command::Log, SVK::Command::Merge, SVK::Command::Mirror, SVK::Command::Mkdir, SVK::Command::Move, SVK::Command::Patch, SVK::Command::Propdel, SVK::Command::Propedit, SVK::Command::Propget, SVK::Command::Proplist, SVK::Command::Propset, SVK::Command::Push, SVK::Command::Resolved, SVK::Command::Revert, SVK::Command::Smerge, SVK::Command::Status, SVK::Command::Switch, SVK::Command::Sync, SVK::Command::Update, SVK::Command::Verify, SVK::Config, SVK::Depot, SVK::Editor, SVK::Editor::ByPass, SVK::Editor::Checkout, SVK::Editor::Combine, SVK::Editor::Combiner, SVK::Editor::Composite, SVK::Editor::Delay, SVK::Editor::Diff, SVK::Editor::Dynamic, SVK::Editor::InteractiveCommitter, SVK::Editor::Merge, SVK::Editor::Patch, SVK::Editor::PropEol, SVK::Editor::Rename, SVK::Editor::Serialize, SVK::Editor::Status, SVK::Editor::SubTree, SVK::Editor::Tee, SVK::Editor::Translate, SVK::Editor::TxnCleanup, SVK::Editor::View, SVK::Editor::XD, SVK::I18N, SVK::Log::ChangedPath, SVK::Log::ChangedPaths, SVK::Log::Filter::Output, SVK::Log::Filter::Selection, SVK::Log::Filter::Std, SVK::Merge, SVK::Merge::Info, SVK::Mirror::Backend::SVNRaPipe, SVK::Mirror::Backend::SVNSync, SVK::MirrorCatalog, SVK::Notify, SVK::Patch, SVK::Patchset, SVK::Path, SVK::Path::Checkout, SVK::Path::Txn, SVK::Path::View, SVK::Project, SVK::Resolve, SVK::Resolve::AraxisMerge, SVK::Resolve::Emacs, SVK::Resolve::FileMerge, SVK::Resolve::GVim, SVK::Resolve::GtkDiff, SVK::Resolve::Guiffy, SVK::Resolve::KDiff3, SVK::Resolve::Meld, SVK::Resolve::P4WinMerge, SVK::Resolve::TkDiff, SVK::Resolve::TortoiseMerge, SVK::Resolve::Vim, SVK::Resolve::WinMerge, SVK::Resolve::XXDiff, SVK::Root::Checkout, SVK::Target::Universal, SVK::Test, SVK::Util, SVK::View, SVK::XD


Add a 'repository' resource to the META.yml via 'meta_add' accessor (for Module::Build) or META_ADD parameter (for ExtUtils::MakeMaker).


Name Abstract Version View
SVK A Distributed Version Control System v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Accessor metacpan
SVK::Command Base class and dispatcher for SVK commands v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Command::Add Put files and directories under version control v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Command::Admin Administration tools v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Command::Annotate Display per-line revision and author info v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Command::Branch Manage a project with its branches v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Command::Branch::checkout metacpan
SVK::Command::Branch::create metacpan
SVK::Command::Branch::diff metacpan
SVK::Command::Branch::info metacpan
SVK::Command::Branch::list metacpan
SVK::Command::Branch::listprojects metacpan
SVK::Command::Branch::merge metacpan
SVK::Command::Branch::move metacpan
SVK::Command::Branch::offline metacpan
SVK::Command::Branch::online metacpan
SVK::Command::Branch::pull metacpan
SVK::Command::Branch::push metacpan
SVK::Command::Branch::remove metacpan
SVK::Command::Branch::setup metacpan
SVK::Command::Branch::switch metacpan
SVK::Command::Cat Output the file from depot v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Command::Checkout Checkout the depotpath v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Command::Checkout::detach metacpan
SVK::Command::Checkout::list metacpan
SVK::Command::Checkout::purge metacpan
SVK::Command::Checkout::relocate metacpan
SVK::Command::Cleanup Remove stalled locks v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Command::Cmerge Merge specific changes v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Command::Commit Commit changes to depot v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Command::Copy Make a versioned copy v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Command::Delete Remove versioned item v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Command::Depotmap Create or edit the depot mapping configuration v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Command::Depotmap::add metacpan
SVK::Command::Depotmap::detach metacpan
SVK::Command::Depotmap::list metacpan
SVK::Command::Depotmap::relocate metacpan
SVK::Command::Describe Describe a change v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Command::Diff Display diff between revisions or checkout copies v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Command::Help Show help v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Command::Ignore Ignore files by setting svn:ignore property v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Command::Import Import directory into depot v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Command::Info Display information about a file or directory v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Command::List List entries in a directory from depot v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Command::Log Show log messages for revisions v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Command::Merge Apply differences between two sources v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Command::Mirror Initialize a mirrored depotpath v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Command::Mirror::bootstrap metacpan
SVK::Command::Mirror::detach metacpan
SVK::Command::Mirror::list metacpan
SVK::Command::Mirror::recover metacpan
SVK::Command::Mirror::relocate metacpan
SVK::Command::Mirror::unlock metacpan
SVK::Command::Mirror::upgrade metacpan
SVK::Command::Mkdir Create a versioned directory v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Command::Move Move a file or directory v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Command::Patch Manage patches v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Command::Patch::FileRequired metacpan
SVK::Command::Patch::apply metacpan
SVK::Command::Patch::delete metacpan
SVK::Command::Patch::dump metacpan
SVK::Command::Patch::list metacpan
SVK::Command::Patch::regen metacpan
SVK::Command::Patch::test metacpan
SVK::Command::Patch::update metacpan
SVK::Command::Patch::view metacpan
SVK::Command::Propdel Delete a property on files or dirs v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Command::Propedit Edit a property on path v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Command::Propget Display a property on path v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Command::Proplist List all properties on files or dirs v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Command::Propset Set a property on path v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Command::Pull Bring changes from another repository v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Command::Push Move changes into another repository v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Command::Resolved Remove conflict mark from checkout items v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Command::Revert Revert changes made in checkout copies v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Command::Smerge Automatically merge all changes between branches v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Command::Status Display the status of items in the checkout copy v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Command::Switch Switch to another branch and keep local changes v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Command::Sync Synchronize a mirrored depotpath v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Command::Update Bring changes from repository to checkout copies v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Command::Verify Verify change signatures v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Config v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Depot Depot class in SVK v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Editor metacpan
SVK::Editor::ByPass metacpan
SVK::Editor::Checkout v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Editor::Combine An editor combining several editor calls to one v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Editor::Combiner An editor combining several editor calls to one v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Editor::Composite composite editor v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Editor::Copy Turn editor calls to calls with history v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Editor::CopyHandler intercept copies in editor calls v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Editor::Delay v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Editor::Diff An editor for producing textual diffs v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Editor::Dynamic metacpan
SVK::Editor::FilterProp metacpan
SVK::Editor::InteractiveCommitter v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Editor::InteractiveStatus v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Editor::InteractiveStatus::Action metacpan
SVK::Editor::InteractiveStatus::AddDirectoryAction metacpan
SVK::Editor::InteractiveStatus::AddFileAction metacpan
SVK::Editor::InteractiveStatus::DeleteFileAction metacpan
SVK::Editor::InteractiveStatus::ModifyBinaryFileAction metacpan
SVK::Editor::InteractiveStatus::ModifyDirectoryPropAction metacpan
SVK::Editor::InteractiveStatus::ModifyFileAction metacpan
SVK::Editor::InteractiveStatus::ModifyFilePropAction metacpan
SVK::Editor::InteractiveStatus::OpenDirectoryAction metacpan
SVK::Editor::InteractiveStatus::UI metacpan
SVK::Editor::MapRev metacpan
SVK::Editor::Merge An editor that does merges for the storage editor v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Editor::Patch An editor to serialize editor calls. v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Editor::PropEol An editor that normalizes eol for svn: properties v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Editor::Rename An editor that translates editor calls for renamed entries v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Editor::Serialize metacpan
SVK::Editor::Status v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Editor::SubTree v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Editor::Tee metacpan
SVK::Editor::Translate An editor that translates path names v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Editor::TxnCleanup An editor that aborts a txn when it is aborted v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Editor::View v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Editor::XD An editor for modifying svk checkout copies v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::I18N metacpan
SVK::Inspector path inspector metacpan
SVK::Inspector::Compat metacpan
SVK::Inspector::Root metacpan
SVK::Log::ChangedPath changes made to a path during in a revision metacpan
SVK::Log::ChangedPaths partly lazy list of SVK::Log::ChangedPath objects metacpan
SVK::Log::Filter base class for all log filters metacpan
SVK::Log::Filter::Author search revisions for given authors metacpan
SVK::Log::Filter::Grep search log messages for a given pattern metacpan
SVK::Log::Filter::Head pass the first N revisions metacpan
SVK::Log::Filter::Output base class for output log filters metacpan
SVK::Log::Filter::Selection base class for selection log filters metacpan
SVK::Log::Filter::Std display log messages in standard SVK format metacpan
SVK::Log::Filter::XML display log messages in XML format metacpan
SVK::Log::FilterPipeline a pipeline of log filter objects metacpan
SVK::Logger logging framework for SVK v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Logger::Compat metacpan
SVK::Merge Merge context class metacpan
SVK::Merge::Info Container for merge ticket information metacpan
SVK::MimeDetect interface for MIME type detection algorithms metacpan
SVK::MimeDetect::FileLibMagic metacpan
SVK::MimeDetect::FileMMagic metacpan
SVK::MimeDetect::FileType metacpan
SVK::MimeDetect::Internal minimalist MIME type detection metacpan
SVK::Mirror metacpan
SVK::Mirror::Backend::SVNRa metacpan
SVK::Mirror::Backend::SVNRaPipe Transparent SVN::Ra requests pipelining metacpan
SVK::Mirror::Backend::SVNSync metacpan
SVK::MirrorCatalog mirror handling metacpan
SVK::Notify svk entry status notification metacpan
SVK::Patch Class representing a patch to be applied v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Patch::CommitEditor metacpan
SVK::Patchset Calculate patch dependency metacpan
SVK::Path SVK path class v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Path::Checkout SVK path class associating a checkout v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Path::Txn metacpan
SVK::Path::View v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Project SVK project class v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Resolve Interactively resolve conflicts metacpan
SVK::Resolve::AraxisMerge metacpan
SVK::Resolve::Emacs metacpan
SVK::Resolve::FileMerge metacpan
SVK::Resolve::GVim metacpan
SVK::Resolve::GtkDiff metacpan
SVK::Resolve::Guiffy metacpan
SVK::Resolve::KDiff3 metacpan
SVK::Resolve::Meld metacpan
SVK::Resolve::P4WinMerge metacpan
SVK::Resolve::TkDiff metacpan
SVK::Resolve::TortoiseMerge metacpan
SVK::Resolve::Vim metacpan
SVK::Resolve::WinMerge metacpan
SVK::Resolve::XXDiff metacpan
SVK::Root metacpan
SVK::Root::Checkout metacpan
SVK::Root::Checkout::Entry metacpan
SVK::Root::Checkout::History metacpan
SVK::Root::View metacpan
SVK::Target::Universal svk target that might not be local v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Test v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::Util Utility functions for SVK classes v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::VerifyEditor metacpan
SVK::View metacpan
SVK::XD svk depot and checkout handling. v2.2.3 metacpan
SVK::XD::Signature metacpan
Tie::StdScalar::Tee metacpan

Other Files

MANIFEST metacpan
META.yml metacpan
Makefile.PL metacpan
README metacpan