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If you are using Build.PL define the {requires}{perl} = VERSION field. If you are using MakeMaker (Makefile.PL) you should upgrade ExtUtils::MakeMaker to 6.48 and use MIN_PERL_VERSION parameter. Perl::MinimumVersion can help you determine which version of Perl your module needs.


Add a META.json to the distribution. Your buildtool should be able to autogenerate it.


Add a 'repository' resource to the META.yml via 'meta_add' accessor (for Module::Build) or META_ADD parameter (for ExtUtils::MakeMaker).


This is not a critical issue. Currently mainly informative for the CPANTS authors. It might be removed later.


Name Abstract Version View
KinoSearch Search engine library. 0.20_02 metacpan
KinoSearch::Analysis::Analyzer Base class for analyzers. metacpan
KinoSearch::Analysis::LCNormalizer Convert input to lower case. metacpan
KinoSearch::Analysis::PolyAnalyzer Multiple analyzers in series. metacpan
KinoSearch::Analysis::Stemmer Reduce related words to a shared root. metacpan
KinoSearch::Analysis::Stopalizer Suppress a "stoplist" of common words. metacpan
KinoSearch::Analysis::Token Unit of text. metacpan
KinoSearch::Analysis::TokenBatch A collection of tokens. metacpan
KinoSearch::Analysis::Tokenizer Customizable tokenizing. metacpan
KinoSearch::Contrib::LongFieldSim Similarity optimized for long fields. metacpan
KinoSearch::Highlight::Encoder Encode excerpted text. metacpan
KinoSearch::Highlight::Formatter Format highlighted bits within excerpts. metacpan
KinoSearch::Highlight::Highlighter Create and highlight excerpts. metacpan
KinoSearch::Highlight::SimpleHTMLEncoder Encode a few HTML entities. metacpan
KinoSearch::Highlight::SimpleHTMLFormatter Surround highlight bits with tags. metacpan
KinoSearch::Index::CompoundFileReader Read from a compound file. metacpan
KinoSearch::Index::CompoundFileWriter Consolidate InvIndex files. metacpan
KinoSearch::Index::DelDocs Manage documents deleted from an InvIndex. metacpan
KinoSearch::Index::DocReader Retrieve stored documents. metacpan
KinoSearch::Index::DocVector A collection of TermVectors. metacpan
KinoSearch::Index::DocWriter Write stored documents to an InvIndex. metacpan
KinoSearch::Index::IndexFileNames Filenames and suffixes used in an InvIndex. metacpan
KinoSearch::Index::IndexReader Base class for objects which read invindexes. metacpan
KinoSearch::Index::MultiReader Read from a multi-segment InvIndex. metacpan
KinoSearch::Index::MultiTermDocs Multi-segment TermDocs. metacpan
KinoSearch::Index::MultiTermList Multi-segment TermList. metacpan
KinoSearch::Index::PostingsWriter Write postings data to an InvIndex. metacpan
KinoSearch::Index::SegInfo Warehouse for information about a segment. metacpan
KinoSearch::Index::SegInfos Manage segment statistical data. metacpan
KinoSearch::Index::SegReader Read from a single-segment InvIndex. metacpan
KinoSearch::Index::SegTermDocs Single-segment TermDocs. metacpan
KinoSearch::Index::SegTermList Single-segment TermList. metacpan
KinoSearch::Index::SegWriter Write one segment of an InvIndex. metacpan
KinoSearch::Index::Term String of text associated with a field. metacpan
KinoSearch::Index::TermDocs Retrieve list of docs which contain a Term. metacpan
KinoSearch::Index::TermInfo Filepointer/statistical data for a Term. metacpan
KinoSearch::Index::TermList Scan through a list of Terms. metacpan
KinoSearch::Index::TermListCache Cache a TermList in RAM metacpan
KinoSearch::Index::TermListReader Read a segment's term lists. metacpan
KinoSearch::Index::TermListWriter Write a term dictionary. metacpan
KinoSearch::Index::TermVector Term freq and positional data. metacpan
KinoSearch::Index::TermVectorsReader Read term vectors information. metacpan
KinoSearch::Index::TermVectorsWriter Add term vectors to index. metacpan
KinoSearch::InvIndex An inverted index. metacpan
KinoSearch::InvIndexer Build inverted indexes. metacpan
KinoSearch::QueryParser::QueryParser Transform a string into a Query object. metacpan
KinoSearch::Schema User-created specification for an inverted index. metacpan
KinoSearch::Schema::FieldSpec Define a field's behavior. metacpan
KinoSearch::Search::BooleanClause Clause in a BooleanQuery. metacpan
KinoSearch::Search::BooleanQuery Match boolean combinations of Queries. metacpan
KinoSearch::Search::BooleanScorer Scorer for BooleanQuery. metacpan
KinoSearch::Search::BooleanWeight metacpan
KinoSearch::Search::CacheDFSource metacpan
KinoSearch::Search::FieldDoc metacpan
KinoSearch::Search::FieldDocCollator IndexReader-specific SortSpec metacpan
KinoSearch::Search::HitCollector Process doc/score pairs. metacpan
KinoSearch::Search::HitQueue Track highest scoring docs. metacpan
KinoSearch::Search::Hits Access search results. metacpan
KinoSearch::Search::MultiSearcher Aggregate results from multiple searchers. metacpan
KinoSearch::Search::PhraseQuery Match ordered list of Terms. metacpan
KinoSearch::Search::PhraseScorer Scorer for PhraseQuery. metacpan
KinoSearch::Search::PhraseWeight metacpan
KinoSearch::Search::Query Base class for search queries. metacpan
KinoSearch::Search::QueryFilter Build a filter based on results of a query. metacpan
KinoSearch::Search::RangeFilter Filter search results by range of values. metacpan
KinoSearch::Search::ScoreDoc A doc number and a score. metacpan
KinoSearch::Search::Scorer Score documents against a Query. metacpan
KinoSearch::Search::SearchClient Connect to a remote SearchServer. metacpan
KinoSearch::Search::SearchServer Make a Searcher remotely accessible. metacpan
KinoSearch::Search::Searchable Base class for searching an InvIndex. metacpan
KinoSearch::Search::Similarity Calculate how closely two things match. metacpan
KinoSearch::Search::SortCollector Sorting HitCollector. metacpan
KinoSearch::Search::SortSpec Specify a custom sort order for search results. metacpan
KinoSearch::Search::SortedHitQueue Track highest sorting docs. metacpan
KinoSearch::Search::TermQuery Match individual Terms. metacpan
KinoSearch::Search::TermScorer Scorer for TermQuery. metacpan
KinoSearch::Search::TermWeight metacpan
KinoSearch::Search::TopDocCollector Collect top-scoring documents. metacpan
KinoSearch::Search::TopDocs The top-scoring documents. metacpan
KinoSearch::Search::Weight Searcher-dependent transformation of a Query. metacpan
KinoSearch::Searcher Execute searches. metacpan
KinoSearch::Store::FSFileDes File System FileDes metacpan
KinoSearch::Store::FSFolder File System implementation of Folder. metacpan
KinoSearch::Store::FileDes Abstract file descriptor. metacpan
KinoSearch::Store::Folder Abstract class representing a directory. metacpan
KinoSearch::Store::InStream Filehandles for reading invindexes. metacpan
KinoSearch::Store::Lock Mutex lock on a Folder. metacpan
KinoSearch::Store::OutStream Filehandles for writing invindexes. metacpan
KinoSearch::Store::RAMFileDes in-memory FileDes metacpan
KinoSearch::Store::RAMFolder In-memory Folder. metacpan
KinoSearch::Util::BitVector A set of bits. metacpan
KinoSearch::Util::ByteBuf Lightweight scalar. metacpan
KinoSearch::Util::CClass Callbacks to Perl from C. metacpan
KinoSearch::Util::Class Class-building utility. metacpan
KinoSearch::Util::DynVirtualTable Dynamic VTables for KinoSearch C objects. metacpan
KinoSearch::Util::Hash Hashtable. metacpan
KinoSearch::Util::Int an integer. metacpan
KinoSearch::Util::IntMap Compact array of integers. metacpan
KinoSearch::Util::Obj Base class for C-struct objects. metacpan
KinoSearch::Util::PriorityQueue Classic heap sort / priority queue. metacpan
KinoSearch::Util::SortExternal External sorting. metacpan
KinoSearch::Util::StringHelper String related utilities. metacpan
KinoSearch::Util::ToStringUtils Common routines which aid stringification. metacpan
KinoSearch::Util::ToolSet Namespace pollution. metacpan
KinoSearch::Util::VArray Variable-sized array. metacpan
KinoSearch::Util::VerifyArgs Some validation functions. metacpan
KinoSearch::Util::ViewByteBuf A ByteBuf that doesn't own its string. metacpan
KinoSearch::Util::YAML Parse a very limited subset of YAML. metacpan

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