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Error: lib/Data/Hopen/Util/


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Error: Data::Hopen, Data::Hopen::G::CollectOp, Data::Hopen::G::DAG, Data::Hopen::G::Entity, Data::Hopen::G::Goal, Data::Hopen::G::GraphBuilder, Data::Hopen::G::Link, Data::Hopen::G::NoOp, Data::Hopen::G::Node, Data::Hopen::G::Op, Data::Hopen::G::OutputOp, Data::Hopen::G::Runnable, Data::Hopen::OrderedPredecessorGraph, Data::Hopen::Scope, Data::Hopen::Scope::Environment, Data::Hopen::Scope::Hash, Data::Hopen::Scope::Inputs, Data::Hopen::Scope::Overrides, Data::Hopen::Util::Data, Data::Hopen::Util::Filename, Data::Hopen::Util::NameSet, Data::Hopen::Visitor


Name Abstract Version View
Data::Hopen A dataflow library with first-class edges 0.000018 metacpan
Data::Hopen::Base basic definitions for hopen 0.000018 metacpan
Data::Hopen::Class Class::Tiny base class supporting C<< new(-arg => value) >> 0.000018 metacpan
Data::Hopen::G::CollectOp a passthrough operation 0.000018 metacpan
Data::Hopen::G::DAG A hopen build graph 0.000018 metacpan
Data::Hopen::G::Entity The base class for all hopen nodes and edges 0.000018 metacpan
Data::Hopen::G::Goal a named goal in a hopen build 0.000018 metacpan
Data::Hopen::G::GraphBuilder fluent interface for building graphs 0.000018 metacpan
Data::Hopen::G::Link The base class for all hopen links between ops. 0.000018 metacpan
Data::Hopen::G::NoOp a no-op 0.000018 metacpan
Data::Hopen::G::Node The base class for all hopen nodes 0.000018 metacpan
Data::Hopen::G::Op a hopen operation 0.000018 metacpan
Data::Hopen::G::OutputOp operation with a fixed output 0.000018 metacpan
Data::Hopen::G::Runnable parent class for runnable things in a hopen graph 0.000018 metacpan
Data::Hopen::OrderedPredecessorGraph Graph that tracks the order in which edges are added 0.000018 metacpan
Data::Hopen::Scope a nested key-value store. 0.000018 metacpan
Data::Hopen::Scope::Environment a Data::Hopen::Scope of %ENV 0.000018 metacpan
Data::Hopen::Scope::Hash a hash-based nested key-value store 0.000018 metacpan
Data::Hopen::Scope::Inputs Scope that can hold multiple sets of inputs 0.000018 metacpan
Data::Hopen::Scope::Overrides Scope that can override each set individually 0.000018 metacpan
Data::Hopen::Util::Data general-purpose data-manipulation functions 0.000018 metacpan
Data::Hopen::Util::Filename functions for manipulating filenames 0.000018 metacpan
Data::Hopen::Util::MergeWithoutCloneBlessed 0.000018 metacpan
Data::Hopen::Util::NameSet set of names (strings or regexps) 0.000018 metacpan
Data::Hopen::Visitor Abstract base class for DAG visitors 0.000018 metacpan

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