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If you are using Build.PL define the {requires}{perl} = VERSION field. If you are using MakeMaker (Makefile.PL) you should upgrade ExtUtils::MakeMaker to 6.48 and use MIN_PERL_VERSION parameter. Perl::MinimumVersion can help you determine which version of Perl your module needs.


Add 'use warnings' (or its equivalents) to all modules, or convince us that your favorite module is well-known enough and people can easily see the modules warn when something bad happens.

Error: Strehler::API, Strehler::Admin, Strehler::Dancer2::Plugin::Admin, Strehler::Forms, Strehler::Helpers


Name Abstract Version View
Strehler A light-weight, nerdy, smart CMS in perl based on Perl Dancer2 framework. v1.6.8 metacpan
Strehler::API App that gives a RESTful interface to Strehler data v1.6.8 metacpan
Strehler::Admin App holding the routes used by Strehler backend v1.6.8 metacpan
Strehler::Dancer2::Plugin::Admin Dancer2 Plugin to write new routes in the Strehler Backend v1.6.8 metacpan
Strehler::Dancer2::Plugin::EX Plugin for easy and fast site building! v1.6.8 metacpan
Strehler::Element Base class for Strehler entities management v1.6.8 metacpan
Strehler::Element::Article Strehler Entity for articles v1.6.8 metacpan
Strehler::Element::Image Strehler Entity for images v1.6.8 metacpan
Strehler::Element::Log Strehler Entity for logs v1.6.8 metacpan
Strehler::Element::Role::Configured Configuration role v1.6.8 metacpan
Strehler::Element::Role::Maintainer Maintainer role v1.6.8 metacpan
Strehler::Element::Role::Slugged A role to manage element's slug v1.6.8 metacpan
Strehler::Element::User Strehler Entity for users v1.6.8 metacpan
Strehler::FormFu::Element::Category FormFu Element for Strehler Category Selector. v1.6.8 metacpan
Strehler::FormFu::Element::DisplayOrder FormFu Element for Strehler Display order field. v1.6.8 metacpan
Strehler::FormFu::Element::EntitySelect FormFu Element to allow browsing a Strehler entity with a select box. v1.6.8 metacpan
Strehler::FormFu::Element::EntityTypeSelect FormFu Element to allow to select a Strehler entity. v1.6.8 metacpan
Strehler::FormFu::Element::PublishDate FormFu Element for Strehler publish date field. v1.6.8 metacpan
Strehler::FormFu::Element::Slug FormFu Element for Strehler slug field. v1.6.8 metacpan
Strehler::FormFu::Element::SubmitBlock FormFu Element for Strehler submit buttons. v1.6.8 metacpan
Strehler::FormFu::Element::SubmitBlockMulti FormFu Element for Strehler generic submit buttons. v1.6.8 metacpan
Strehler::FormFu::Element::Tags FormFu Element for Strehler tags field. v1.6.8 metacpan
Strehler::FormFu::Validator::CategoryUnique FormFu Validator for Category form. v1.6.8 metacpan
Strehler::FormFu::Validator::FilenameTooLong FormFu Validator for File field in image form. v1.6.8 metacpan
Strehler::FormFu::Validator::UserUnique FormFu Validator for User form. v1.6.8 metacpan
Strehler::Forms Functions to manage forms v1.6.8 metacpan
Strehler::Helpers Helpers v1.6.8 metacpan
Strehler::Meta::Category Strehler Category class. Best tool to organize contents. v1.6.8 metacpan
Strehler::Meta::Tag Strehler Entity for Tags v1.6.8 metacpan
Strehler::Schema DBIx::Class Schema for Strehler database tables v1.6.8 metacpan
Strehler::Schema::Result::ActivityLog v1.6.8 metacpan
Strehler::Schema::Result::Article v1.6.8 metacpan
Strehler::Schema::Result::Category v1.6.8 metacpan
Strehler::Schema::Result::ConfiguredTag v1.6.8 metacpan
Strehler::Schema::Result::Content v1.6.8 metacpan
Strehler::Schema::Result::Description v1.6.8 metacpan
Strehler::Schema::Result::Image v1.6.8 metacpan
Strehler::Schema::Result::Tag v1.6.8 metacpan
Strehler::Schema::Result::User v1.6.8 metacpan

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