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Name Abstract Version View
CPAN::Meta the distribution metadata for a CPAN dist 2.101590 metacpan
CPAN::Meta::Converter Convert CPAN distribution metadata structures 2.101590 metacpan
CPAN::Meta::Feature an optional feature provided by a CPAN distribution 2.101590 metacpan
CPAN::Meta::History history of CPAN Meta Spec changes 2.101590 metacpan
CPAN::Meta::Prereqs a set of distribution prerequisites by phase and type 2.101590 metacpan
CPAN::Meta::Spec specification for CPAN distribution metadata 2.101590 metacpan
CPAN::Meta::Validator validate CPAN distribution metadata structures 2.101590 metacpan

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t/data-bad/98042513-META.yml metacpan