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CPAN::Testers::Fact::InstalledModules Versions of particular modules installed on a system 1.999003 metacpan
CPAN::Testers::Fact::LegacyReport an email-style report for CPAN Testers 1.999003 metacpan
CPAN::Testers::Fact::PerlConfig Perl build and configuration information for a CPAN Testers report 1.999003 metacpan
CPAN::Testers::Fact::Prereqs prerequisites detected in running a CPAN Testers report 1.999003 metacpan
CPAN::Testers::Fact::TestEnvironment Environment vars and other local context during a CPAN Testers report 1.999003 metacpan
CPAN::Testers::Fact::TestOutput output from configuration, build and test 1.999003 metacpan
CPAN::Testers::Fact::TestSummary summary of a CPAN Testers analysis of a distribution 1.999003 metacpan
CPAN::Testers::Fact::TesterComment comment about a CPAN Tester report 1.999003 metacpan
CPAN::Testers::Report CPAN Testers report object 1.999003 metacpan

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