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Name Abstract Version View
Bio::MUST::Core Core classes and utilities for Bio::MUST 0.211470 metacpan
Bio::MUST::Core::Ali Multiple sequence alignment 0.211470 metacpan
Bio::MUST::Core::Ali::Stash Thin wrapper for an indexed Ali read from disk 0.211470 metacpan
Bio::MUST::Core::Ali::Temporary Thin wrapper for a temporary mapped Ali written on disk 0.211470 metacpan
Bio::MUST::Core::Constants Distribution-wide constants for Bio::MUST::Core 0.211470 metacpan
Bio::MUST::Core::GeneticCode Genetic code for conceptual translation 0.211470 metacpan
Bio::MUST::Core::GeneticCode::Factory Genetic code factory based on NCBI gc.prt file 0.211470 metacpan
Bio::MUST::Core::IdList Id list for selecting specific sequences 0.211470 metacpan
Bio::MUST::Core::IdMapper Id mapper for translating sequence ids 0.211470 metacpan
Bio::MUST::Core::PostPred Posterior predictive tests for sequences 0.211470 metacpan
Bio::MUST::Core::PostPred::Composition Posterior predictive test for compositional bias 0.211470 metacpan
Bio::MUST::Core::Roles::Aliable Aliable Moose role (pure interface) for Ali-like objects 0.211470 metacpan
Bio::MUST::Core::Roles::Commentable Commentable Moose role for storable objects 0.211470 metacpan
Bio::MUST::Core::Roles::Listable Listable Moose role for objects with implied id lists 0.211470 metacpan
Bio::MUST::Core::Roles::Taxable Taxable Moose role for objects that query a taxonomy 0.211470 metacpan
Bio::MUST::Core::Seq Nucleotide or protein sequence 0.211470 metacpan
Bio::MUST::Core::SeqId Modern and legacy MUST-compliant sequence id 0.211470 metacpan
Bio::MUST::Core::SeqMask Sequence mask for selecting specific sites 0.211470 metacpan
Bio::MUST::Core::SeqMask::Freqs Arbitrary frequencies for sequence sites 0.211470 metacpan
Bio::MUST::Core::SeqMask::Pmsf Posterior mean site frequencies (PMSF) for sequence sites 0.211470 metacpan
Bio::MUST::Core::SeqMask::Profiles Evolutionary profiles for sequence sites 0.211470 metacpan
Bio::MUST::Core::SeqMask::Rates Evolutionary rates for sequence sites 0.211470 metacpan
Bio::MUST::Core::Taxonomy NCBI Taxonomy one-stop shop 0.211470 metacpan
Bio::MUST::Core::Taxonomy::Category Helper class for multiple-criterion classifier based on taxonomy 0.211470 metacpan
Bio::MUST::Core::Taxonomy::Classifier Helper class for multiple-criterion classifier based on taxonomy 0.211470 metacpan
Bio::MUST::Core::Taxonomy::ColorScheme Helper class providing color scheme for taxonomic annotations 0.211470 metacpan
Bio::MUST::Core::Taxonomy::Criterion Helper class for multiple-criterion classifier based on taxonomy 0.211470 metacpan
Bio::MUST::Core::Taxonomy::Filter Helper class for filtering seqs according to taxonomy 0.211470 metacpan
Bio::MUST::Core::Taxonomy::Labeler Helper class for simple labeler based on taxonomy 0.211470 metacpan
Bio::MUST::Core::Taxonomy::MooseNCBI Wrapper class for serializing Bio::LITE::Taxonomy::NCBI object 0.211470 metacpan
Bio::MUST::Core::Tree Thin wrapper around Bio::Phylo trees 0.211470 metacpan
Bio::MUST::Core::Tree::Forest Collection of (bootstrap) trees 0.211470 metacpan
Bio::MUST::Core::Types Distribution-wide Moose types for Bio::MUST::Core 0.211470 metacpan
Bio::MUST::Core::Utils Utility functions for enabling multiple file processing 0.211470 metacpan

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