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Resque Redis-backed library for creating background jobs, placing them on multiple queues, and processing them later. 0.38 metacpan
Resque::Encoder Moose role for encoding Resque structures 0.38 metacpan
Resque::Failure Role to be consumed by any failure class. 0.38 metacpan
Resque::Failure::Redis Redis backend for worker failures 0.38 metacpan
Resque::Failures Class for managing Resque failures 0.38 metacpan
Resque::Job Resque job container 0.38 metacpan
Resque::Pluggable Role to load Resque plugin's and and apply roles. 0.38 metacpan
Resque::Plugin Syntactic sugar for Resque plugin's 0.38 metacpan
Resque::Stat The stat subsystem. Used to keep track of integer counts. 0.38 metacpan
Resque::Worker Does the hard work of babysitting Resque::Job's 0.38 metacpan
Resque::WorkerClass Resque adaptor to create moose based jobs 0.38 metacpan

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