Name Abstract Version View
Data::Record::Serialize Flexible serialization of a record 0.13 metacpan
Data::Record::Serialize::Encode::dbi store a record in a database 0.13 metacpan
Data::Record::Serialize::Encode::ddump encoded a record using Data::Dumper 0.13 metacpan
Data::Record::Serialize::Encode::json encoded a record as JSON 0.13 metacpan
Data::Record::Serialize::Encode::null infinite bitbucket 0.13 metacpan
Data::Record::Serialize::Encode::rdb encoded a record as /rdb 0.13 metacpan
Data::Record::Serialize::Encode::yaml encode a record as YAML 0.13 metacpan
Data::Record::Serialize::Role::Base 0.13 metacpan
Data::Record::Serialize::Role::Default 0.13 metacpan
Data::Record::Serialize::Role::Encode Encode Role 0.13 metacpan
Data::Record::Serialize::Role::Sink Sink Role 0.13 metacpan
Data::Record::Serialize::Sink::null send output to nowhere. 0.13 metacpan
Data::Record::Serialize::Sink::stream output encoded data to a stream. 0.13 metacpan
Data::Record::Serialize::Types Types for Data::Record::Serialize 0.13 metacpan

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