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Piper Flexible, iterable pipeline engine with automatic batching 0.05 metacpan
Piper::Config Configuration object for Piper 0.05 metacpan
Piper::Instance An initialized pipeline segment for the Piper system 0.05 metacpan
Piper::Logger Logging and debugging message handler for Piper 0.05 metacpan
Piper::Path Simple path object for labeling locations in Piper pipelines 0.05 metacpan
Piper::Process A data-processing unit for the Piper pipeline system 0.05 metacpan
Piper::Queue Simple FIFO queue used by Piper 0.05 metacpan
Piper::Role::Logger Role for logging and debugging in the Piper system 0.05 metacpan
Piper::Role::Queue Basic queue role used by the Piper system 0.05 metacpan
Piper::Role::Segment Base role for pipeline segments 0.05 metacpan

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