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Crypt::Random::Source Get weak or strong random data from pluggable sources 0.11 metacpan
Crypt::Random::Source::Base Abstract base class for L<Crypt::Random::Source> classes 0.11 metacpan
Crypt::Random::Source::Base::File File (or device) random data sources 0.11 metacpan
Crypt::Random::Source::Base::Handle L<IO::Handle> based random data sources 0.11 metacpan
Crypt::Random::Source::Base::Proc Base class for helper processes (e.g. C<openssl>) 0.11 metacpan
Crypt::Random::Source::Base::RandomDevice Base class for random devices 0.11 metacpan
Crypt::Random::Source::Factory Load and instantiate sources of random data 0.11 metacpan
Crypt::Random::Source::Strong Abstract base class for strong random data sources 0.11 metacpan
Crypt::Random::Source::Strong::devrandom A strong random data source using F</dev/random> 0.11 metacpan
Crypt::Random::Source::Weak Abstract base class for weak random data sources 0.11 metacpan
Crypt::Random::Source::Weak::devurandom A weak random data source using F</dev/urandom> 0.11 metacpan
Crypt::Random::Source::Weak::rand Use C<rand> to create random bytes 0.11 metacpan

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