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Error: Bot::IRC, Bot::IRC::Convert, Bot::IRC::Functions, Bot::IRC::Greeting, Bot::IRC::History, Bot::IRC::Infobot, Bot::IRC::Join, Bot::IRC::Karma, Bot::IRC::Math, Bot::IRC::Ping, Bot::IRC::Seen, Bot::IRC::Store, Bot::IRC::Store::SQLite


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Name Abstract Version View
Bot::IRC Yet Another IRC Bot 1.31 metacpan
Bot::IRC::Convert Bot::IRC convert units of amounts 1.31 metacpan
Bot::IRC::Functions Bot::IRC add maybe helpful functions to the bot 1.31 metacpan
Bot::IRC::Greeting Bot::IRC greet joining users to channels 1.31 metacpan
Bot::IRC::History Bot::IRC selected channel history dumped to email 1.31 metacpan
Bot::IRC::Infobot Bot::IRC add classic "infobot" functionality to the bot 1.31 metacpan
Bot::IRC::Join Bot::IRC join and part channels and remember channels state 1.31 metacpan
Bot::IRC::Karma Bot::IRC track karma for things 1.31 metacpan
Bot::IRC::Math Bot::IRC evaluate math expressions and return results 1.31 metacpan
Bot::IRC::Ping Bot::IRC ping the bot and check its health 1.31 metacpan
Bot::IRC::Seen Bot::IRC track when and where users were last seen 1.31 metacpan
Bot::IRC::Store Bot::IRC persistent data storage with YAML 1.31 metacpan
Bot::IRC::Store::SQLite Bot::IRC persistent data storage with SQLite 1.31 metacpan

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