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Name Abstract Version View
Bolts An Inversion of Control framework for Perl 0.143171 metacpan
Bolts::Artifact Tools for resolving an artifact value 0.143171 metacpan
Bolts::Artifact::Thunk Simplified artifact implementation 0.143171 metacpan
Bolts::Bag Helper for creating bags containing artifacts 0.143171 metacpan
Bolts::Blueprint Defines the interface implemented by blueprints 0.143171 metacpan
Bolts::Blueprint::Acquired acquire an artifact via a path and locator 0.143171 metacpan
Bolts::Blueprint::Built Build an artifact by running a subroutine 0.143171 metacpan
Bolts::Blueprint::BuiltInjector An injector-oriented builder using a subroutine 0.143171 metacpan
Bolts::Blueprint::Factory Build an artifact by calling a class method on a class 0.143171 metacpan
Bolts::Blueprint::Given Used to pass parameters from the user during acquisition into the injector 0.143171 metacpan
Bolts::Blueprint::Literal A blueprint that points to a literal value 0.143171 metacpan
Bolts::Blueprint::ParentBag Retrieve the artifact's parent as the artifact 0.143171 metacpan
Bolts::Blueprint::Role::Injector Tags a blueprint as being usable during injection 0.143171 metacpan
Bolts::Inference This is the interface for inferring injectors from a blueprint 0.143171 metacpan
Bolts::Inference::Moose Inference engine for Moose classes 0.143171 metacpan
Bolts::Injector inject options and parameters into artifacts 0.143171 metacpan
Bolts::Injector::Parameter::ByName Inject parameters by name during construction 0.143171 metacpan
Bolts::Injector::Parameter::ByPosition Inject parameters by position during construction 0.143171 metacpan
Bolts::Injector::Setter Inject by calling a setter method with a value 0.143171 metacpan
Bolts::Injector::Store::Array Inject dependencies into array artifacts 0.143171 metacpan
Bolts::Injector::Store::Hash Inject values into a hash 0.143171 metacpan
Bolts::Locator General purpose locator 0.143171 metacpan
Bolts::Meta::Class::Trait::Bag Metaclass role for Bolts-built bags 0.143171 metacpan
Bolts::Meta::Class::Trait::Locator Metaclass role for objects that have a meta locator 0.143171 metacpan
Bolts::Meta::Initializer Store a path and parameters for acquisition 0.143171 metacpan
Bolts::Meta::Locator Standard meta locator for Bolts 0.143171 metacpan
Bolts::Role::Artifact The role implemented by resolved artifacts 0.143171 metacpan
Bolts::Role::Initializer Give components some control over their destiny 0.143171 metacpan
Bolts::Role::Locator Interface for locating artifacts in a bag 0.143171 metacpan
Bolts::Role::Opaque Make a bag/artifact opaque to acquisition 0.143171 metacpan
Bolts::Role::RootLocator Interface for locating artifacts from some root bag 0.143171 metacpan
Bolts::Role::SelfLocator Makes a Moose object into a locator 0.143171 metacpan
Bolts::Scope The interface for lifecycle managers 0.143171 metacpan
Bolts::Scope::Prototype For artifacts that are constructed at every request 0.143171 metacpan
Bolts::Scope::Singleton For artifacts that are reused for the lifetime of the bag 0.143171 metacpan
Bolts::Util Utilities helpful for use with Bolts 0.143171 metacpan


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Bolts::Meta::Attribute::Traits::Initializer lib/Bolts/Meta/Attribute/Trait/ metacpan

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