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Name Abstract Version View
Form::Factory a general-purpose form handling API 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Action Role implemented by actions 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Action::Meta::Attribute::Control Form control attribute-traits 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Action::Meta::Class The meta-class role for form actions 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Action::Meta::Role The meta-class role for form action roles 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Action::Role Role implemented by action roles 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Control high-level API for working with form controls 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Control::Button The button control 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Control::Checkbox the checkbox control 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Control::Choice Helper class for tracking choices 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Control::FullText The full_text control 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Control::Password the password control 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Control::Role::AvailableChoices Controls that list available choices 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Control::Role::BooleanValue boolean valued controls 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Control::Role::HiddenValue hidden controls 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Control::Role::Labeled labeled controls 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Control::Role::ListValue list-valued controls 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Control::Role::MultiLine multiline controls 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Control::Role::PresetValue controls with preset values 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Control::Role::ScalarValue scalar valued controls 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Control::SelectMany the multi-select control 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Control::SelectOne A control for selecting a single item 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Control::Text A single line text field 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Control::Value A read-only value control 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Feature Interface for objects that modify how actions work 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Feature::Control::FillOnAssignment Control gets the value of the attribute 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Feature::Control::Length A control feature for checking length 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Feature::Control::MatchAvailableChoices Check for choice availability 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Feature::Control::MatchCode Greps the control value for correctness 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Feature::Control::MatchRegex Match a control value against a regex 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Feature::Control::Required Makes sure a value is set on a control 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Feature::Control::Trim Trims whitespace from a control value 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Feature::Functional A generic feature for actions 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Feature::RequireNoneOrAll if one control has a value, all should 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Feature::Role::BuildAttribute control features that modify the action attribute 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Feature::Role::BuildControl control features that modify control construction 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Feature::Role::Check features that check control values 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Feature::Role::Clean features that clean up control values 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Feature::Role::Control Form features tied to particular controls 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Feature::Role::ControlValueConverter form features that convert values 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Feature::Role::CustomControlMessage control features with custom messages 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Feature::Role::CustomMessage features with custom messages 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Feature::Role::InitializeControl control features that work on just constructed controls 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Feature::Role::PostProcess features that run just after processing 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Feature::Role::PreProcess features that run just before processing 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Interface Role for form interface implementations 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Interface::CLI Command-line interface builder for form factory 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Interface::HTML Simple HTML form interface 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Interface::HTML::Widget rendering/consuming HTML controls 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Interface::HTML::Widget::Div HTML interface widget helper 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Interface::HTML::Widget::Element HTML interface widget helper 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Interface::HTML::Widget::Input HTML interface widget helper 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Interface::HTML::Widget::Label HTML interface widget helper 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Interface::HTML::Widget::List HTML interface widget helper 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Interface::HTML::Widget::ListItem HTML interface widget helper 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Interface::HTML::Widget::Select HTML interface widget helper 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Interface::HTML::Widget::Span HTML interface widget helper 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Interface::HTML::Widget::Textarea HTML interface widget helper 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Message Handy class for encapsulating messages 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Processor Moos-ish helper for action classes 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Processor::DeferredValue Tag class for deferred_values 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Processor::Role Moos-ish helper for action roles 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Result Interface for the result classes 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Result::Gathered A group of results 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Result::Single Form result class representing a single result 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Stasher An object responsible for remembering things 0.022 metacpan
Form::Factory::Stasher::Memory Remember things in a Perl hash 0.022 metacpan


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Moose::Meta::Attribute::Custom::Trait::Form::Control lib/Form/Factory/Action/Meta/Attribute/ metacpan

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