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  • Devel::AssertOS


Name Abstract Version View
PiFlash Raspberry Pi SD-flashing script with safety checks to avoid erasing the wrong device 0.004003 metacpan
PiFlash::Command process/command running utilities for piflash 0.004003 metacpan
PiFlash::Hook named dispatch/hook library for PiFlash 0.004003 metacpan
PiFlash::Inspector PiFlash functions to inspect Linux system devices to flash an SD card for Raspberry Pi 0.004003 metacpan
PiFlash::MediaWriter write to Raspberry Pi SD card installation with scriptable customization 0.004003 metacpan
PiFlash::Object object functions for PiFlash classes 0.004003 metacpan
PiFlash::Plugin plugin extension interface for PiFlash 0.004003 metacpan
PiFlash::State PiFlash::State class to store configuration, device info and program state 0.004003 metacpan

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