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App::TemplateCMD Sets up an interface to passing Template Toolkit templates v0.6.11 metacpan
App::TemplateCMD::Command The base class for command modules v0.6.11 metacpan
App::TemplateCMD::Command::Build Builds a a tree of files from a build template v0.6.11 metacpan
App::TemplateCMD::Command::Cat Command to print out a template (unprocessed) v0.6.11 metacpan
App::TemplateCMD::Command::Conf Command to show the configuration used for templates. v0.6.11 metacpan
App::TemplateCMD::Command::Describe Command to describe a template (variables used, location etc) v0.6.11 metacpan
App::TemplateCMD::Command::Help Show help about how to use commands and templatecmd in general. v0.6.11 metacpan
App::TemplateCMD::Command::List Command to list the available templates. v0.6.11 metacpan
App::TemplateCMD::Command::Print Prints a parsed template out to screen or file v0.6.11 metacpan

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