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List all modules used in the test suite in META.yml test_requires


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Name Abstract Version View
Mastodon::Client Talk to a Mastodon server 0.017 metacpan
Mastodon::Entity::Account A Mastodon user account 0.017 metacpan
Mastodon::Entity::Application A Mastodon application 0.017 metacpan
Mastodon::Entity::Attachment A Mastodon media attachment 0.017 metacpan
Mastodon::Entity::Card A Mastodon card 0.017 metacpan
Mastodon::Entity::Context The context of a Mastodon status 0.017 metacpan
Mastodon::Entity::Error An error in Mastodon 0.017 metacpan
Mastodon::Entity::Instance A Mastodon instance 0.017 metacpan
Mastodon::Entity::Mention A mention in Mastodon 0.017 metacpan
Mastodon::Entity::Notification A Mastodon notification 0.017 metacpan
Mastodon::Entity::Relationship A Mastodon relationship 0.017 metacpan
Mastodon::Entity::Report 0.017 metacpan
Mastodon::Entity::Results A Mastodon search result 0.017 metacpan
Mastodon::Entity::Status A Mastodon status 0.017 metacpan
Mastodon::Entity::Tag A tag in Mastodon 0.017 metacpan
Mastodon::Listener Access the streaming API of a Mastodon server 0.017 metacpan
Mastodon::Role::Entity 0.017 metacpan
Mastodon::Role::UserAgent 0.017 metacpan
Mastodon::Types 0.017 metacpan

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