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Name Abstract Version View
Algorithm::MasterMind Framework for algorithms that solve the MasterMind game 0.004005 metacpan
Algorithm::MasterMind::CGA_Partitions Solver using a Canonical GA 1.003 metacpan
Algorithm::MasterMind::Canonical_GA Tries to compute new solution from last 1.001 metacpan
Algorithm::MasterMind::Consistent_Set Class for handling the set of consistent combinations 1.008 metacpan
Algorithm::MasterMind::EDA Solver using an Estimation of Distribution Algorithm 1.013 metacpan
Algorithm::MasterMind::EDA_Partitions Solver using an EDA plus partitions 1.003 metacpan
Algorithm::MasterMind::Evo New evolutionary algorithms solving MM - Evo* version 1.014 metacpan
Algorithm::MasterMind::EvoRank Evolutionary algorithm with the partition method and ranked fitness, prepared for GECCO 2010 1.015 metacpan
Algorithm::MasterMind::Evolutionary Tries to compute new solution from last 1.008 metacpan
Algorithm::MasterMind::Evolutionary_Base Base class for evolutionary-based algorithms 1.013 metacpan
Algorithm::MasterMind::Evolutionary_MO Tries to compute new solution from last 1.001 metacpan
Algorithm::MasterMind::Evolutionary_Partitions Evolutionary algorithm with the partition method 1.006 metacpan
Algorithm::MasterMind::MOGA Solver using an Estimation of Distribution Algorithm 1.008 metacpan
Algorithm::MasterMind::Partition Base class for exhaustive partion-based methods 1.002 metacpan
Algorithm::MasterMind::Partition::Most Uses "most partitions" criterium to play 1.001 metacpan
Algorithm::MasterMind::Partition_Most Plays combination with the highest number of partitions 1.002 metacpan
Algorithm::MasterMind::Partition_Worst Plays by Knuth's playbook 1.003 metacpan
Algorithm::MasterMind::Random Plays random consistent combinations 1.002 metacpan
Algorithm::MasterMind::Secret Minimal framework for MM secrets metacpan
Algorithm::MasterMind::Sequential Tests each combination in turn. 1.006 metacpan
Algorithm::MasterMind::Sequential_Alt Tests each combination in turn, alternating with the beginning and end of the sequence. 1.003 metacpan
Algorithm::MasterMind::Test Mock class used for testing algorithms by hand 1.004 metacpan
Algorithm::MasterMind::Test_Solver Utility functions for testing solvers 1.004 metacpan

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