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List all modules used in the test suite in META.yml build_requires


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  • Test::CPAN::Meta::JSON


Name Abstract Version View
Date::Holidays Date::Holidays::* adapter and aggregator for all your holiday needs 1.13 metacpan
Date::Holidays::Adapter an adapter class for Date::Holidays::* modules 1.13 metacpan
Date::Holidays::Adapter::AU an adapter class for Date::Holidays::AU 1.13 metacpan
Date::Holidays::Adapter::BR an adapter class for Date::Holidays::BR 1.13 metacpan
Date::Holidays::Adapter::BY an adapter class for Date::Holidays::BY 1.13 metacpan
Date::Holidays::Adapter::CA_ES adapter dummy class for Date::Holidays::CA_ES 1.13 metacpan
Date::Holidays::Adapter::CN an adapter class for Date::Holidays::CN 1.13 metacpan
Date::Holidays::Adapter::DE an adapter class for Date::Holidays::DE 1.13 metacpan
Date::Holidays::Adapter::DK an adapter class for Date::Holidays::DK 1.13 metacpan
Date::Holidays::Adapter::ES adapter class for Date::Holidays::ES and Date::Holidays::CA_ES 1.13 metacpan
Date::Holidays::Adapter::FR an adapter class for Date::Holidays::FR 1.13 metacpan
Date::Holidays::Adapter::GB an adapter class for Date::Holidays::GB 1.13 metacpan
Date::Holidays::Adapter::JP an adapter class for Date::Japanese::Holiday 1.13 metacpan
Date::Holidays::Adapter::KR an adapter class for Date::Holidays::KR 1.13 metacpan
Date::Holidays::Adapter::KZ an adapter class for Date::Holidays::KZ 1.13 metacpan
Date::Holidays::Adapter::Local a specialized adapter for local calendars 1.13 metacpan
Date::Holidays::Adapter::NO an adapter class for Date::Holidays::NO 1.13 metacpan
Date::Holidays::Adapter::NZ an adapter class for Date::Holidays::NZ 1.13 metacpan
Date::Holidays::Adapter::PL an adapter class for Date::Holidays::PL 1.13 metacpan
Date::Holidays::Adapter::PT an adapter class for Date::Holidays::PT 1.13 metacpan
Date::Holidays::Adapter::RU an adapter class for Date::Holidays::RU 1.13 metacpan
Date::Holidays::Adapter::SK an adapter class for Date::Holidays::SK 1.13 metacpan
Date::Holidays::Adapter::US an adapter class for Date::Holidays::USFederal 1.13 metacpan
Date::Holidays::Adapter::USFederal an adapter class for Date::Holidays::USFederal 1.13 metacpan

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