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Name Abstract Version View
Games::Pandemic cooperative pandemic board game 0.8.0 metacpan
Games::Pandemic::Card base class for pandemic cards 0.8.0 metacpan
Games::Pandemic::Card::City pandemic city card 0.8.0 metacpan
Games::Pandemic::Card::Epidemic epidemic card for pandemic 0.8.0 metacpan
Games::Pandemic::City pandemic city object 0.8.0 metacpan
Games::Pandemic::Config pandemic local configuration 0.8.0 metacpan
Games::Pandemic::Controller controller for a pandemic game 0.8.0 metacpan
Games::Pandemic::Deck pandemic card deck 0.8.0 metacpan
Games::Pandemic::Disease pandemic disease object 0.8.0 metacpan
Games::Pandemic::Map pandemic map information 0.8.0 metacpan
Games::Pandemic::Map::Pandemic standard pandemic map from real game 0.8.0 metacpan
Games::Pandemic::Player pandemic game player 0.8.0 metacpan
Games::Pandemic::Role::Dispatcher dispatcher pandemic role 0.8.0 metacpan
Games::Pandemic::Role::Medic medic pandemic role 0.8.0 metacpan
Games::Pandemic::Role::OperationsExpert operations expert pandemic role 0.8.0 metacpan
Games::Pandemic::Role::Researcher researcher pandemic role 0.8.0 metacpan
Games::Pandemic::Role::Scientist scientist pandemic role 0.8.0 metacpan
Games::Pandemic::Tk::Action action item for main pandemic window 0.8.0 metacpan
Games::Pandemic::Tk::Dialog base class for pandemic dialog windows 0.8.0 metacpan
Games::Pandemic::Tk::Dialog::ChooseDisease pandemic dialog to select which disease to treat 0.8.0 metacpan
Games::Pandemic::Tk::Dialog::DropCards pandemic dialog to drop cards 0.8.0 metacpan
Games::Pandemic::Tk::Dialog::GiveCard pandemic dialog to give cards 0.8.0 metacpan
Games::Pandemic::Tk::Dialog::Simple generic pandemic dialog 0.8.0 metacpan
Games::Pandemic::Tk::Dialog::ViewCards dialog window to show cards 0.8.0 metacpan
Games::Pandemic::Tk::Main main pandemic window 0.8.0 metacpan
Games::Pandemic::Tk::PlayerCards pandemic dialog to show player cards 0.8.0 metacpan
Games::Pandemic::Tk::Utils Tk utilities for gui building 0.8.0 metacpan
Games::Pandemic::Utils various utilities for pandemic 0.8.0 metacpan

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