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If you are using Build.PL define the {requires}{perl} = VERSION field. If you are using MakeMaker (Makefile.PL) you should upgrade ExtUtils::MakeMaker to 6.48 and use MIN_PERL_VERSION parameter. Perl::MinimumVersion can help you determine which version of Perl your module needs.


Add 'use warnings' (or its equivalents) to all modules, or convince us that your favorite module is well-known enough and people can easily see the modules warn when something bad happens.

Error: Argos::Path, Janus::Path, Pan::Path, Poros::Path


Add all modules contained in this distribution to the META.yml field 'provides'. Module::Build or Dist::Zilla::Plugin::MetaProvides do this automatically for you.


Add a 'repository' resource to the META.yml via 'meta_add' accessor (for Module::Build) or META_ADD parameter (for ExtUtils::MakeMaker).


This is not a critical issue. Currently mainly informative for the CPANTS authors. It might be removed later.


Name Abstract Version View
Argos::Code Argos code interface metacpan
Argos::Code::Batch Implements Argos::Code metacpan
Argos::Code::Map Implements Argos::Code metacpan
Argos::Code::Reduce Implements Argos::Code metacpan
Argos::Conf Argos configuration interface. metacpan
Argos::Conf::Map Implements Argos::Conf metacpan
Argos::Conf::Reduce Implements Argos::Conf metacpan
Argos::Ctrl Controls Argos via a SQLite database metacpan
Argos::Data metacpan
Argos::Map Data collection metacpan
Argos::Path Implements Vulcan::DirConf metacpan
Argos::Reduce Data processing metacpan
Ceres::DBI::Index DB interface to Ceres index metacpan
Ceres::Rcvr Process pulse from sender. metacpan
Ceres::Sndr Send pulse to receiver. metacpan
Cronos metacpan
Cronos::Calendar metacpan
Cronos::Period metacpan
Cronos::Policy metacpan
Hermes Cluster information interpreter. Extends Hermes::Range metacpan
Hermes::Cache Covert root cluster dbs into cache db metacpan
Hermes::Call callback interface to Hermes metacpan
Hermes::DBI::Cache DB interface to Hermes cache data metacpan
Hermes::DBI::Root DB interface to Hermes root data metacpan
Hermes::Integer Integer Range metacpan
Hermes::KeySet KeySet implementation metacpan
Hermes::Object Hermes Object Interface. metacpan
Hermes::Range Extends Hermes::KeySet. metacpan
Janus A maintenance platform metacpan
Janus::Conf Load/Inspect maintenance configs metacpan
Janus::Ctrl Controls maintenance via a SQLite database metacpan
Janus::Log Janus logging metacpan
Janus::Path Implements Vulcan::DirConf metacpan
Janus::Sequence metacpan
Janus::Sequence::Code Load maintenence plugin code. metacpan
Janus::Sequence::Conf Load maintenence plugin configuration. metacpan
MIO Interface for MIO modules metacpan
MIO::CMD Run multiple commands in parallel. metacpan
MIO::SSH Run multiple SSH commands in parallel. metacpan
MIO::TCP Make multiple TCP connections in parallel. metacpan
MIO::UDP Send multiple UPD datagrams in parallel. metacpan
Pan::Conf metacpan
Pan::Node Applies transforms. Extends Pan::Repo. metacpan
Pan::Path Implements Vulcan::DirConf metacpan
Pan::RCS File manangement through RCS. metacpan
Pan::Repo group management interface metacpan
Pan::Transform Load and inspect transform code/conf metacpan
Poros A plugin execution platform metacpan
Poros::Path Implements Vulcan::DirConf metacpan
Poros::Query Poros query metacpan
Vulcan::Cruft Rotate log files and keep directories clean of cruft. metacpan
Vulcan::Daemon CLI for daemontools service. metacpan
Vulcan::DirConf Interface module: directory configuration with a YAML file. metacpan
Vulcan::ExpSSH metacpan
Vulcan::File metacpan
Vulcan::Gflags Get command line options. metacpan
Vulcan::Grep Evaluate input according to supplied rules metacpan
Vulcan::Logger thread safe logger metacpan
Vulcan::Manifest metacpan
Vulcan::Mrsync Replicate data via phased rsync metacpan
Vulcan::Multicast data distribution via multicast metacpan
Vulcan::NetMap network mappings of data centers metacpan
Vulcan::OptConf Get command line options. metacpan
Vulcan::Phasic metacpan
Vulcan::ProcLock Advisory lock using a regular file metacpan
Vulcan::SQLiteDB SQLite database interface metacpan
Vulcan::Sort Multi-dimensional Sort metacpan
Vulcan::Sudo Become a user by setting uid or invoking sudo metacpan
Vulcan::Symlink manipulate symbolic links metacpan
Vulcan::Symlink::Conf metacpan
Vulcan::SysInfo Get various system statistics through sar, df, etc. metacpan
pantheon A suite of cluster administration tools and platforms 0.58 metacpan


Name File View
Cronos::Calendar::Month lib/Cronos/ metacpan
Vulcan::Daemon::Path lib/Vulcan/ metacpan

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META.yml metacpan
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