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Error: Search::Tools


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Name Abstract Version View
Search::Tools high-performance tools for building search applications 1.007 metacpan
Search::Tools::ArgNormalizer Moo role for BUILDARGS 1.007 metacpan
Search::Tools::HeatMap locate the best matches in a snippet extract 1.007 metacpan
Search::Tools::HiLiter highlight terms in text 1.007 metacpan
Search::Tools::Object base class for Search::Tools objects 1.007 metacpan
Search::Tools::Query objectified string for highlighting, snipping, etc. 1.007 metacpan
Search::Tools::QueryParser convert string queries into objects 1.007 metacpan
Search::Tools::RegEx regular expressions for terms 1.007 metacpan
Search::Tools::Snipper extract terms in context 1.007 metacpan
Search::Tools::SpellCheck offer spelling suggestions 1.007 metacpan
Search::Tools::Token a token object returned from a TokenList 1.007 metacpan
Search::Tools::TokenList a bunch of tokens from a Tokenizer 1.007 metacpan
Search::Tools::TokenListPP a bunch of tokens from a Tokenizer 1.007 metacpan
Search::Tools::TokenListUtils mixin methods for TokenList and TokenListPP 1.007 metacpan
Search::Tools::TokenPP a token object returned from a TokenList 1.007 metacpan
Search::Tools::Tokenizer split a string into meaningful tokens 1.007 metacpan
Search::Tools::Transliterate transliterations of UTF-8 chars 1.007 metacpan
Search::Tools::UTF8 UTF8 string wrangling 1.007 metacpan
Search::Tools::XML methods for playing nice with XML and HTML 1.007 metacpan

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