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Error: *** ERROR: Non-ASCII character seen before =encoding in 'Flächenstück'. Assuming ISO8859-1 at line 433 in file Math-PlanePath-35/lib/Math/PlanePath/


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Add 'use warnings' (or its equivalents) to all modules (this will require perl > 5.6), or convince us that your favorite module is well-known enough and people can easily see the modules warn when something bad happens.

Error: Math::PlanePath, Math::PlanePath::ArchimedeanChords, Math::PlanePath::Columns, Math::PlanePath::CoprimeColumns, Math::PlanePath::Corner, Math::PlanePath::Diagonals, Math::PlanePath::DiamondSpiral, Math::PlanePath::GosperIslands, Math::PlanePath::GosperSide, Math::PlanePath::GreekKeySpiral, Math::PlanePath::HeptSpiralSkewed, Math::PlanePath::HexSpiral, Math::PlanePath::HexSpiralSkewed, Math::PlanePath::HilbertCurve, Math::PlanePath::Hypot, Math::PlanePath::HypotOctant, Math::PlanePath::KnightSpiral, Math::PlanePath::KochCurve, Math::PlanePath::KochPeaks, Math::PlanePath::KochSnowflakes, Math::PlanePath::MultipleRings, Math::PlanePath::OctagramSpiral, Math::PlanePath::PeanoCurve, Math::PlanePath::PentSpiral, Math::PlanePath::PentSpiralSkewed, Math::PlanePath::PixelRings, Math::PlanePath::PyramidRows, Math::PlanePath::PyramidSides, Math::PlanePath::PyramidSpiral, Math::PlanePath::PythagoreanTree, Math::PlanePath::Rows, Math::PlanePath::SacksSpiral, Math::PlanePath::SierpinskiArrowhead, Math::PlanePath::SquareSpiral, Math::PlanePath::Staircase, Math::PlanePath::TheodorusSpiral, Math::PlanePath::TriangleSpiral, Math::PlanePath::TriangleSpiralSkewed, Math::PlanePath::TriangularHypot, Math::PlanePath::VogelFloret, Math::PlanePath::ZOrderCurve


Add all modules contained in this distribution to the META.yml field 'provides'. Module::Build or Dist::Zilla::Plugin::MetaProvides do this automatically for you.


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Name Abstract Version View
Math::PlanePath points on a path through the 2-D plane 35 metacpan
Math::PlanePath::ArchimedeanChords radial spiral chords 35 metacpan
Math::PlanePath::Columns points in fixed-height columns 35 metacpan
Math::PlanePath::CoprimeColumns coprime x,y by columns 35 metacpan
Math::PlanePath::Corner points shaped around in a corner 35 metacpan
Math::PlanePath::Diagonals points in diagonal stripes 35 metacpan
Math::PlanePath::DiamondSpiral integer points around a diamond shaped spiral 35 metacpan
Math::PlanePath::GosperIslands concentric Gosper islands 35 metacpan
Math::PlanePath::GosperSide one side of the gosper island 35 metacpan
Math::PlanePath::GreekKeySpiral square spiral with Greek key motif 35 metacpan
Math::PlanePath::HeptSpiralSkewed integer points around a skewed seven sided spiral 35 metacpan
Math::PlanePath::HexSpiral integer points around a hexagonal spiral 35 metacpan
Math::PlanePath::HexSpiralSkewed integer points around a skewed hexagonal spiral 35 metacpan
Math::PlanePath::HilbertCurve 2x2 self-similar quadrant traversal 35 metacpan
Math::PlanePath::Hypot points in order of hypotenuse distance 35 metacpan
Math::PlanePath::HypotOctant octant of points in order of hypotenuse distance 35 metacpan
Math::PlanePath::KnightSpiral integer points around a square, by chess knight moves 35 metacpan
Math::PlanePath::KochCurve horizontal Koch curve 35 metacpan
Math::PlanePath::KochPeaks Koch curve peaks 35 metacpan
Math::PlanePath::KochSnowflakes Koch snowflakes as concentric rings 35 metacpan
Math::PlanePath::MultipleRings rings of multiples 35 metacpan
Math::PlanePath::OctagramSpiral integer points drawn around an octagram 35 metacpan
Math::PlanePath::PeanoCurve 3x3 self-similar quadrant traversal 35 metacpan
Math::PlanePath::PentSpiral integer points in a pentagonal shape 35 metacpan
Math::PlanePath::PentSpiralSkewed integer points in a pentagonal shape 35 metacpan
Math::PlanePath::PixelRings pixellated concentric circles 35 metacpan
Math::PlanePath::PyramidRows points stacked up in a pyramid 35 metacpan
Math::PlanePath::PyramidSides points along the sides of pyramid 35 metacpan
Math::PlanePath::PyramidSpiral integer points drawn around a pyramid 35 metacpan
Math::PlanePath::PythagoreanTree primitive Pythagorean triples by tree 35 metacpan
Math::PlanePath::Rows points in fixed-width rows 35 metacpan
Math::PlanePath::SacksSpiral circular spiral, squaring each revolution 35 metacpan
Math::PlanePath::SierpinskiArrowhead self-similar triangular path traversal 35 metacpan
Math::PlanePath::SquareSpiral integer points drawn around a square (or rectangle) 35 metacpan
Math::PlanePath::Staircase integer points in stair-step diagonal stripes 35 metacpan
Math::PlanePath::TheodorusSpiral right-angle unit step spiral 35 metacpan
Math::PlanePath::TriangleSpiral integer points drawn around an equilateral triangle 35 metacpan
Math::PlanePath::TriangleSpiralSkewed integer points drawn around a skewed equilateral triangle 35 metacpan
Math::PlanePath::TriangularHypot points of triangular lattice in order of hypotenuse distance 35 metacpan
Math::PlanePath::VogelFloret circular pattern like a sunflower 35 metacpan
Math::PlanePath::ZOrderCurve 2x2 self-similar Z shape digits 35 metacpan

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