Under maintenance.

Most probably CPANTS databases are being regenerated from scratch due to major changes in Kwalitee metrics or updates of relevant modules/perl. Usually this maintenance takes about a day or two, and some of the information may be old or missing tentatively. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Name Abstract Version View
Footprintless A utility for managing systems with minimal installs 1.27 metacpan
Footprintless::App The base application class for fpl 1.27 metacpan
Footprintless::App::Action A base class for actions 1.27 metacpan
Footprintless::App::ActionCommand A base class for action commands 1.27 metacpan
Footprintless::App::Command::config Prints the config at the coordinate. 1.27 metacpan
Footprintless::App::Command::deployment Performs an action on a deployment. 1.27 metacpan
Footprintless::App::Command::deployment::clean removes all files managed by the deployment 1.27 metacpan
Footprintless::App::Command::deployment::deploy deploys all files managed by the deployment 1.27 metacpan
Footprintless::App::Command::log Provides access to log files. 1.27 metacpan
Footprintless::App::Command::log::cat output a file 1.27 metacpan
Footprintless::App::Command::log::follow output the last part of a file and append as the file grows 1.27 metacpan
Footprintless::App::Command::log::grep output lines matching a pattern 1.27 metacpan
Footprintless::App::Command::log::head output the first part of a file 1.27 metacpan
Footprintless::App::Command::log::tail output the last part of a file 1.27 metacpan
Footprintless::App::Command::overlay Performs an action on an overlay. 1.27 metacpan
Footprintless::App::Command::overlay::clean processes the overlay template files only 1.27 metacpan
Footprintless::App::Command::overlay::initialize cleans, then processes the overlay base and template files 1.27 metacpan
Footprintless::App::Command::overlay::update 1.27 metacpan
Footprintless::App::Command::service Performs an action on one or more services. 1.27 metacpan
Footprintless::App::DocumentationUtil A utility class for generating help documentation from POD 1.27 metacpan
Footprintless::App::UsageException An exception that indicates the invalid usage of a command 1.27 metacpan
Footprintless::Command A factory for building common commands 1.27 metacpan
Footprintless::Command::CommandOptions 1.27 metacpan
Footprintless::CommandOptionsFactory A factory for creating command options 1.27 metacpan
Footprintless::CommandRunner A contract for an command runner 1.27 metacpan
Footprintless::CommandRunner::ExecutionException An exception for failures when executing commands 1.27 metacpan
Footprintless::CommandRunner::IPCRun An implementation of Footprintless::CommandRunner using IPC::Run 1.27 metacpan
Footprintless::CommandRunner::IPCRun3 An implementation of Footprintless::CommandRunner using IPC::Run3 1.27 metacpan
Footprintless::Deployment A deployment manager 1.27 metacpan
Footprintless::Extract Extracts data from archives 1.27 metacpan
Footprintless::Factory The default factory for footprintless modules 1.27 metacpan
Footprintless::InvalidEntityException An exception thrown when an entity is invalid for the context it is being used in 1.27 metacpan
Footprintless::Localhost A localhost alias resolver 1.27 metacpan
Footprintless::Log A log manager 1.27 metacpan
Footprintless::MixableBase A base class for using mixins 1.27 metacpan
Footprintless::Mixins A utility package for mixins for standard object 1.27 metacpan
Footprintless::Overlay An overlay manager 1.27 metacpan
Footprintless::Plugin The base class for footprintless plugins 1.27 metacpan
Footprintless::Resource A resource provided by a provider 1.27 metacpan
Footprintless::Resource::Maven A resource described by Maven artifact 1.27 metacpan
Footprintless::Resource::MavenProvider A resource provider for resources retrieved by maven coordinate 1.27 metacpan
Footprintless::Resource::Provider A contract for providing resources to the resource manager 1.27 metacpan
Footprintless::Resource::Url A resource described by URL 1.27 metacpan
Footprintless::Resource::UrlProvider A resource provider for resources retrieved by URL 1.27 metacpan
Footprintless::ResourceManager A manager for finding and retrieving resources 1.27 metacpan
Footprintless::Service Performs an action on a service. 1.27 metacpan
Footprintless::Tunnel Provides tunneling over ssh 1.27 metacpan
Footprintless::Util A utility method package for common functionality in Footprintless 1.27 metacpan

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