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Fix MANIFEST.SKIP or use an authoring tool which respects MANIFEST.SKIP. Note that each entry in MANIFEST.SKIP is a regular expression. You may need to add appropriate meta characters not to ignore necessary stuff.

Error: Build.PL


Name Abstract Version View
Perl::Critic::Mardem Perl-Critic policies for simple and isolated Refactoring-Support. 0.03 metacpan
Perl::Critic::Mardem::Util Internal Util module! 0.03 metacpan
Perl::Critic::Policy::Mardem::ProhibitBlockComplexity 0.03 metacpan
Perl::Critic::Policy::Mardem::ProhibitConditionComplexity 0.03 metacpan
Perl::Critic::Policy::Mardem::ProhibitLargeBlock 0.03 metacpan
Perl::Critic::Policy::Mardem::ProhibitLargeSub 0.03 metacpan
Perl::Critic::Policy::Mardem::ProhibitManyConditionsInSub 0.03 metacpan
Perl::Critic::Policy::Mardem::ProhibitReturnBooleanAsInt 0.03 metacpan

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