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Name Abstract Version View
MCE Many-Core Engine for Perl providing parallel processing capabilities 1.838 metacpan
MCE::Candy Sugar methods and output iterators 1.838 metacpan
MCE::Core::Input::Generator 1.838 metacpan
MCE::Core::Input::Handle 1.838 metacpan
MCE::Core::Input::Iterator 1.838 metacpan
MCE::Core::Input::Request 1.838 metacpan
MCE::Core::Input::Sequence 1.838 metacpan
MCE::Core::Manager 1.838 metacpan
MCE::Core::Validation 1.838 metacpan
MCE::Core::Worker 1.838 metacpan
MCE::Flow Parallel flow model for building creative applications 1.838 metacpan
MCE::Grep Parallel grep model similar to the native grep function 1.838 metacpan
MCE::Loop MCE model for building parallel loops 1.838 metacpan
MCE::Map Parallel map model similar to the native map function 1.838 metacpan
MCE::Mutex Locking for Many-Core Engine 1.838 metacpan
MCE::Mutex::Channel Mutex locking via a pipe or socket 1.838 metacpan
MCE::Mutex::Flock Mutex locking via Fcntl 1.838 metacpan
MCE::Queue Hybrid (normal and priority) queues 1.838 metacpan
MCE::Relay Extends Many-Core Engine with relay capabilities 1.838 metacpan
MCE::Signal Temporary directory creation/cleanup and signal handling 1.838 metacpan
MCE::Step Parallel step model for building creative steps 1.838 metacpan
MCE::Stream Parallel stream model for chaining multiple maps and greps 1.838 metacpan
MCE::Subs Exports functions mapped directly to MCE methods 1.838 metacpan
MCE::Util Utility functions 1.838 metacpan

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