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Fix the version numbers so that version::is_lax($version) returns true.


  • lib/App/iTan/Command/ HASH(0x560c42707398)
  • lib/App/iTan/Command/ HASH(0x560c426e6630)
  • lib/App/iTan/Command/ HASH(0x560c42171a20)
  • lib/App/iTan/Command/ HASH(0x560c42686ac8)
  • lib/App/iTan/Command/ HASH(0x560c4271fb70)
  • lib/App/iTan/Command/ HASH(0x560c426cf2a0)


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Name Abstract Version View
App::iTan Secure management of iTans for online banking 1.020 metacpan
App::iTan::Command::delete Delete all invalid iTans metacpan
App::iTan::Command::get Fetch a single iTan and mark is as used metacpan
App::iTan::Command::import Import a set of itans metacpan
App::iTan::Command::info Fetch info for a tan index number metacpan
App::iTan::Command::list List all available and used itans metacpan
App::iTan::Command::reset Mark all unused tans as invalid metacpan
App::iTan::Utils Utility methods metacpan

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