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Mail::DKIM Signs/verifies Internet mail with DKIM/DomainKey signatures 1.20220408 metacpan
Mail::DKIM::ARC::MessageSignature Subclass of Mail::DKIM::Signature which represents a ARC-Message-Signature header 1.20220408 metacpan
Mail::DKIM::ARC::Seal represents a ARC-Seal header 1.20220408 metacpan
Mail::DKIM::ARC::Signer generates a DKIM signature for a message 1.20220408 metacpan
Mail::DKIM::ARC::Verifier verifies an ARC-Sealed message 1.20220408 metacpan
Mail::DKIM::Algorithm::Base base class for DKIM "algorithms" 1.20220408 metacpan
Mail::DKIM::Algorithm::dk_rsa_sha1 Base algorithm class 1.20220408 metacpan
Mail::DKIM::Algorithm::rsa_sha1 rsa sha1 algorithm class 1.20220408 metacpan
Mail::DKIM::Algorithm::rsa_sha256 rsa sha256 algorithm class 1.20220408 metacpan
Mail::DKIM::AuthorDomainPolicy represents an Author Domain Signing Practices (ADSP) record 1.20220408 metacpan
Mail::DKIM::Canonicalization::Base base class for canonicalization methods 1.20220408 metacpan
Mail::DKIM::Canonicalization::DkCommon dk common canonicalization 1.20220408 metacpan
Mail::DKIM::Canonicalization::DkimCommon common canonicalization 1.20220408 metacpan
Mail::DKIM::Canonicalization::dk_nofws nofws canonicalization 1.20220408 metacpan
Mail::DKIM::Canonicalization::dk_simple dk simple canonicalization 1.20220408 metacpan
Mail::DKIM::Canonicalization::nowsp nowsp canonicalization 1.20220408 metacpan
Mail::DKIM::Canonicalization::relaxed common canonicalization 1.20220408 metacpan
Mail::DKIM::Canonicalization::seal arc seal canonicalization 1.20220408 metacpan
Mail::DKIM::Canonicalization::simple simple canonicalization 1.20220408 metacpan
Mail::DKIM::Common Common class for Mail::DKIM 1.20220408 metacpan
Mail::DKIM::DNS performs DNS queries for Mail::DKIM 1.20220408 metacpan
Mail::DKIM::DkPolicy represents a DomainKeys Sender Signing Policy record 1.20220408 metacpan
Mail::DKIM::DkSignature represents a DomainKeys-Signature header 1.20220408 metacpan
Mail::DKIM::DkimPolicy represents a DKIM Sender Signing Practices record 1.20220408 metacpan
Mail::DKIM::Key Represents a DKIM Key 1.20220408 metacpan
Mail::DKIM::KeyValueList Represents a Key/Value list 1.20220408 metacpan
Mail::DKIM::MessageParser Signs/verifies Internet mail with DKIM/DomainKey signatures 1.20220408 metacpan
Mail::DKIM::Policy abstract base class for originator "signing" policies 1.20220408 metacpan
Mail::DKIM::PrivateKey a private key loaded in memory for DKIM signing 1.20220408 metacpan
Mail::DKIM::PublicKey Represents a DKIM key 1.20220408 metacpan
Mail::DKIM::Signature represents a DKIM-Signature header 1.20220408 metacpan
Mail::DKIM::Signer generates a DKIM signature for a message 1.20220408 metacpan
Mail::DKIM::SignerPolicy determines signing parameters for a message 1.20220408 metacpan
Mail::DKIM::TextWrap text wrapping module written for use with DKIM 1.20220408 metacpan
Mail::DKIM::Verifier verifies a DKIM-signed message 1.20220408 metacpan

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