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Name Abstract Version View
SMB A humble SMB network protocol implementation in Perl 0.09 metacpan
SMB::Agent metacpan
SMB::Auth Authentication mechanisms for SMB (NTLMSSP and more) metacpan
SMB::Client metacpan
SMB::Command metacpan
SMB::Connection metacpan
SMB::Crypt Fallback implementations of cryptography algorithms for SMB metacpan
SMB::DCERPC Minimal support for DCE/RPC protocol (over SMB) metacpan
SMB::File Remote or local file abstraction for SMB metacpan
SMB::Header metacpan
SMB::OpenFile A state of opening local or remote file for SMB metacpan
SMB::Packer Convenient data packer for network protocols like SMB metacpan
SMB::Parser Convenient data parser for network protocols like SMB metacpan
SMB::Proxy metacpan
SMB::Server metacpan
SMB::Time Functions to convert between UNIX time and SMB time metacpan
SMB::Tree metacpan
SMB::v1::Command metacpan
SMB::v1::Command::Negotiate metacpan
SMB::v1::Commands metacpan
SMB::v1::Header metacpan
SMB::v2::Command metacpan
SMB::v2::Command::Close metacpan
SMB::v2::Command::Create metacpan
SMB::v2::Command::Ioctl metacpan
SMB::v2::Command::Negotiate metacpan
SMB::v2::Command::QueryDirectory metacpan
SMB::v2::Command::QueryInfo metacpan
SMB::v2::Command::Read metacpan
SMB::v2::Command::SessionSetup metacpan
SMB::v2::Command::SetInfo metacpan
SMB::v2::Command::TreeConnect metacpan
SMB::v2::Command::Write metacpan
SMB::v2::Commands metacpan
SMB::v2::Header metacpan

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