Kwalitee Issues


Remove the POD errors. You can check for POD errors automatically by including Test::Pod to your test suite.

Error: MojoMojo-1.09/lib/MojoMojo/Controller/ -- Around line 27: alternative text '/.list' contains non-escaped | or /Around line 46: alternative text '/.recent' contains non-escaped | or / MojoMojo-1.09/lib/MojoMojo/ -- Around line 832: Expected text after =item, not a numberAround line 836: Expected text after =item, not a numberAround line 874: Expected text after =item, not a numberAround line 878: Expected text after =item, not a numberAround line 919: Expected text after =item, not a numberAround line 923: Expected text after =item, not a number MojoMojo-1.09/lib/MojoMojo/Formatter/ -- Around line 23: Non-ASCII character seen before =encoding in 'こんにちは}}'. Assuming UTF-8


Add 'use strict' (or its equivalents) to all modules, or convince us that your favorite module is well-known enough and people can easily see the modules are strictly written.

Error: MojoMojo::Controller::Root, MojoMojo::Formatter, MojoMojo::Formatter::Amazon, MojoMojo::Formatter::CPANHyperlink, MojoMojo::Formatter::Comment, MojoMojo::Formatter::Emote, MojoMojo::Formatter::File::DocBook, MojoMojo::Formatter::File::Image, MojoMojo::Formatter::File::Pod, MojoMojo::Formatter::File::Text, MojoMojo::Formatter::GoogleCalendar, MojoMojo::Formatter::IRCLog, MojoMojo::Formatter::Main, MojoMojo::Formatter::Markdown, MojoMojo::Formatter::Pod, MojoMojo::Formatter::Redirect, MojoMojo::Formatter::TOC, MojoMojo::Formatter::Text, MojoMojo::Formatter::Textile, MojoMojo::Formatter::Wiki, MojoMojo::View::Email, MojoMojo::View::JSON


Split the distribution, or fix the version numbers to make them consistent (use the highest version number to avoid version downgrade).

Error: 0.01,0.1,1,1.01,1.09,1.3


Add a META.json to the distribution. Your buildtool should be able to autogenerate it.


Add 'use warnings' (or its equivalents) to all modules (this will require perl > 5.6), or convince us that your favorite module is well-known enough and people can easily see the modules warn when something bad happens.

Error: MojoMojo, MojoMojo::Controller::Admin, MojoMojo::Controller::Attachment, MojoMojo::Controller::Comment, MojoMojo::Controller::Export, MojoMojo::Controller::Gallery, MojoMojo::Controller::Image, MojoMojo::Controller::JSON, MojoMojo::Controller::Journal, MojoMojo::Controller::Jsrpc, MojoMojo::Controller::Page, MojoMojo::Controller::Root, MojoMojo::Controller::Tag, MojoMojo::Controller::User, MojoMojo::Formatter, MojoMojo::Formatter::Amazon, MojoMojo::Formatter::CPANHyperlink, MojoMojo::Formatter::Comment, MojoMojo::Formatter::DocBook::Colorize, MojoMojo::Formatter::Emote, MojoMojo::Formatter::File::DocBook, MojoMojo::Formatter::File::Image, MojoMojo::Formatter::File::Pod, MojoMojo::Formatter::File::Text, MojoMojo::Formatter::GoogleCalendar, MojoMojo::Formatter::IRCLog, MojoMojo::Formatter::Include, MojoMojo::Formatter::Main, MojoMojo::Formatter::Markdown, MojoMojo::Formatter::Pod, MojoMojo::Formatter::RSS, MojoMojo::Formatter::Redirect, MojoMojo::Formatter::TOC, MojoMojo::Formatter::Text, MojoMojo::Formatter::Textile, MojoMojo::Formatter::Wiki, MojoMojo::Formatter::YouTube, MojoMojo::I18N, MojoMojo::Model::DBIC, MojoMojo::Model::Search, MojoMojo::Model::Themes, MojoMojo::View::Email, MojoMojo::View::JSON, MojoMojo::View::TT, MojoMojo::WordDiff, Text::SmartyPants, Text::Wikispaces2Markdown


This is not a critical issue. Currently mainly informative for the CPANTS authors. It might be removed later.


Add all modules contained in this distribution to the META.yml field 'provides'. Module::Build or Dist::Zilla::Plugin::MetaProvides do this automatically for you.


Name Abstract Version View
MojoMojo A Wiki with a tree 1.09 metacpan
MojoMojo::Controller::Admin Site Administration metacpan
MojoMojo::Controller::Attachment Attachment controller metacpan
MojoMojo::Controller::Comment MojoMojo Comment controller metacpan
MojoMojo::Controller::Export Export / Import related controller metacpan
MojoMojo::Controller::Gallery Page gallery. metacpan
MojoMojo::Controller::Image Image controller metacpan
MojoMojo::Controller::JSON Various functions that return JSON data. metacpan
MojoMojo::Controller::Journal Journaling for MojoMojo? metacpan
MojoMojo::Controller::Jsrpc Various JSRPC functions. metacpan
MojoMojo::Controller::Page Page controller metacpan
MojoMojo::Controller::PageAdmin MojoMojo Page Administration metacpan
MojoMojo::Controller::Root Controller to run before all others metacpan
MojoMojo::Controller::Tag Tags controller metacpan
MojoMojo::Controller::User Login/User Management Controller metacpan
MojoMojo::Declaw Cleans HTML as well as CSS of scripting and other executable contents, and neutralises XSS attacks. Derived from HTML::Defang version 1.01. 1.01 metacpan
MojoMojo::Extension a base controller class. metacpan
MojoMojo::Extensions::Counter a page counter metacpan
MojoMojo::Formatter Base class for all formatters metacpan
MojoMojo::Formatter::Amazon Include Amazon objects on your page. 0.01 metacpan
MojoMojo::Formatter::CPANHyperlink automatically hyperlink CPAN modules when using the syntax {{cpan Some::Module}} metacpan
MojoMojo::Formatter::Comment Include comments on your page. metacpan
MojoMojo::Formatter::Defang Scrub user HTML and XSS metacpan
MojoMojo::Formatter::Dir format local directory as XHTML metacpan
MojoMojo::Formatter::DocBook format part of content as DocBook metacpan
MojoMojo::Formatter::DocBook::Colorize metacpan
MojoMojo::Formatter::Emote MSN Smileys in your text. 0.01 metacpan
MojoMojo::Formatter::File format file as XHTML metacpan
MojoMojo::Formatter::File::DocBook format Docbook in xhtml metacpan
MojoMojo::Formatter::File::Image Image formatter metacpan
MojoMojo::Formatter::File::Pod format Pod File in xhtml metacpan
MojoMojo::Formatter::File::Text metacpan
MojoMojo::Formatter::Gist Embed Gist script metacpan
MojoMojo::Formatter::GoogleCalendar Embed Google Calendar 0.1 metacpan
MojoMojo::Formatter::GoogleSearch Linked Google Search Engine by writing {{google:<search kind> <keyword>}} metacpan
MojoMojo::Formatter::IDLink Linked {{id:<service name> <word>}} metacpan
MojoMojo::Formatter::IRCLog format part of content as an IRC log metacpan
MojoMojo::Formatter::Include Include files in your content. 0.01 metacpan
MojoMojo::Formatter::Main MojoMojo's main formatter, dispatching between Textile and MultiMarkdown metacpan
MojoMojo::Formatter::Markdown MultiMarkdown formatting for your content. MultiMarkdown is an extension of Markdown, adding support for tables, footnotes, bibliography, automatic cross-references, glossaries, appendices, definition lists, math syntax, anchor and image attributes, and document metadata. metacpan
MojoMojo::Formatter::Pod format part of content as POD metacpan
MojoMojo::Formatter::RSS Include RSS feeds on your page. 0.01 metacpan
MojoMojo::Formatter::Redirect Handles {{redirect /path}} metacpan
MojoMojo::Formatter::SyntaxHighlight syntax highlighting for code blocks metacpan
MojoMojo::Formatter::TOC generate table of contents metacpan
MojoMojo::Formatter::Text format plain text as xhtml metacpan
MojoMojo::Formatter::Textile Texile+SmartyPants formatting for your content metacpan
MojoMojo::Formatter::Wiki Handle interpage linking. metacpan
MojoMojo::Formatter::WikipediaLink Linked Wikipedia by writing {{wikipedia:<lang> <word>}} metacpan
MojoMojo::Formatter::YouTube Embed YouTube player 0.01 metacpan
MojoMojo::I18N support for language localization metacpan
MojoMojo::Model::DBIC L<DBIC::Schema> Catalyst model metacpan
MojoMojo::Model::Search support for searching pages metacpan
MojoMojo::Model::Themes support for Thematic styles metacpan
MojoMojo::Schema DBIC Schema 1 metacpan
MojoMojo::Schema::Base::Result base class for Result classes metacpan
MojoMojo::Schema::Base::ResultSet base class for ResultSet classes metacpan
MojoMojo::Schema::Result::Attachment store attachments metacpan
MojoMojo::Schema::Result::Comment store comments metacpan
MojoMojo::Schema::Result::Content Versioned page content metacpan
MojoMojo::Schema::Result::Entry store journal entries metacpan
MojoMojo::Schema::Result::Journal store journals metacpan
MojoMojo::Schema::Result::Link Links among pages metacpan
MojoMojo::Schema::Result::Page store pages metacpan
MojoMojo::Schema::Result::PageVersion Versioned page metadata metacpan
MojoMojo::Schema::Result::PathPermissions store path permissions metacpan
MojoMojo::Schema::Result::Person store user info metacpan
MojoMojo::Schema::Result::Photo store photos metacpan
MojoMojo::Schema::Result::Preference store preferences metacpan
MojoMojo::Schema::Result::Role store user roles metacpan
MojoMojo::Schema::Result::RoleMember store members of roles metacpan
MojoMojo::Schema::Result::RolePrivilege store role privileges metacpan
MojoMojo::Schema::Result::Tag store page tags metacpan
MojoMojo::Schema::Result::WantedPage store pages that are wanted metacpan
MojoMojo::Schema::ResultSet::Attachment resulset methods on attachments metacpan
MojoMojo::Schema::ResultSet::Content resultset methods on content metacpan
MojoMojo::Schema::ResultSet::Page resultset methods on pages metacpan
MojoMojo::Schema::ResultSet::Person resultset methods on users metacpan
MojoMojo::Schema::ResultSet::Role resultset methods on roles metacpan
MojoMojo::Schema::ResultSet::Tag resultset methods on tags metacpan
MojoMojo::View::Email Email Templates metacpan
MojoMojo::View::JSON Catalyst View metacpan
MojoMojo::View::TT metacpan
MojoMojo::WordDiff generate inline word-based HTML diffs metacpan
Text::SmartyPants cute little punctuation assistant 1.3 metacpan
Text::Wikispaces2Markdown convert wikispaces pages to markdown 0.1 metacpan


Name File View
MojoMojo::Formatter::Pod::Simple::HTML lib/MojoMojo/Formatter/ metacpan

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