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Moose::Exception::InvalidAttributeDefinition MooseX::Extended exception for invalid attribute definitions. 0.25 metacpan
Moose::Exception::InvalidImportList MooseX::Extended exception for import arguments. 0.25 metacpan
MooseX::Extended Extend Moose with safe defaults and useful features 0.25 metacpan
MooseX::Extended::Core Internal module for MooseX::Extended 0.25 metacpan
MooseX::Extended::Custom Build a custom Moose, just for you. 0.25 metacpan
MooseX::Extended::Role MooseX::Extended roles 0.25 metacpan
MooseX::Extended::Role::Custom Build a custom Moose::Role, just for you. 0.25 metacpan
MooseX::Extended::Types Keep our type tools organized 0.25 metacpan

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