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Name Abstract Version View
Bat::Interpreter Pure perl interpreter for a small subset of bat/cmd files 0.021 metacpan
Bat::Interpreter::Delegate::Executor::DryRunner Executor for register all commands that get executed 0.021 metacpan
Bat::Interpreter::Delegate::Executor::PartialDryRunner Executor for executing commands via perl system 0.021 metacpan
Bat::Interpreter::Delegate::Executor::System 0.021 metacpan
Bat::Interpreter::Delegate::FileStore::LocalFileSystem 0.021 metacpan
Bat::Interpreter::Delegate::LineLogger::Silent LineLogger that just don't log anything 0.021 metacpan
Bat::Interpreter::Delegate::LineLogger::SilentSaveLines LineLogger that just don't log anything but saves the lines for further inspection 0.021 metacpan
Bat::Interpreter::Role::Executor Role for executing the commands in the bat files 0.021 metacpan
Bat::Interpreter::Role::FileStore Role for accessing bat files 0.021 metacpan
Bat::Interpreter::Role::LineLogger Role for logging all the lines as are going evaluated by the interpreter 0.021 metacpan

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