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Name Abstract Version View
Org::Document Represent an Org document 0.49 metacpan
Org::Dump Show Org document/element object in a human-friendly format 0.49 metacpan
Org::Element Base class for Org document elements 0.49 metacpan
Org::Element::Block Represent Org block 0.49 metacpan
Org::Element::Comment Represent Org comment 0.49 metacpan
Org::Element::Drawer Represent Org drawer 0.49 metacpan
Org::Element::FixedWidthSection Represent Org fixed-width section 0.49 metacpan
Org::Element::Footnote Represent Org footnote reference and/or definition 0.49 metacpan
Org::Element::Headline Represent Org headline 0.49 metacpan
Org::Element::InlineRole Inline elements 0.49 metacpan
Org::Element::Link Represent Org hyperlink 0.49 metacpan
Org::Element::List Represent Org list 0.49 metacpan
Org::Element::ListItem Represent Org list item 0.49 metacpan
Org::Element::RadioTarget Represent Org radio target 0.49 metacpan
Org::Element::Setting Represent Org in-buffer settings 0.49 metacpan
Org::Element::Table Represent Org table 0.49 metacpan
Org::Element::TableCell Represent Org table cell 0.49 metacpan
Org::Element::TableRow Represent Org table row 0.49 metacpan
Org::Element::TableVLine Represent Org table vertical line 0.49 metacpan
Org::Element::Target Represent Org target 0.49 metacpan
Org::Element::Text Represent text 0.49 metacpan
Org::Element::TimeRange Represent Org time range (TS1--TS2) 0.49 metacpan
Org::Element::Timestamp Represent Org timestamp 0.49 metacpan
Org::Parser Parse Org documents 0.49 metacpan

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