Name Abstract Version View
File::DataClass Structured data file IO with caching and searching v0.73.1 metacpan
File::DataClass::Cache Accessors and mutators for the cache object v0.73.1 metacpan
File::DataClass::Constants Definitions of constant values v0.73.1 metacpan
File::DataClass::Exception Exception class composed from traits v0.73.1 metacpan
File::DataClass::Functions Common utility functions v0.73.1 metacpan
File::DataClass::IO A powerful and concise API to do as much file IO as possible v0.73.1 metacpan
File::DataClass::List List response class v0.73.1 metacpan
File::DataClass::Result Result object definition v0.73.1 metacpan
File::DataClass::ResultSet Core result management methods v0.73.1 metacpan
File::DataClass::ResultSource A source of result sets for a given schema v0.73.1 metacpan
File::DataClass::Schema Base class for schema definitions v0.73.1 metacpan
File::DataClass::Storage Storage base class v0.73.1 metacpan
File::DataClass::Storage::Any Selects storage class using the extension on the path v0.73.1 metacpan
File::DataClass::Storage::JSON Read/write JSON data storage model v0.73.1 metacpan
File::DataClass::Types A type constraint library v0.73.1 metacpan

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