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Unexpected Localised exception classes composed from roles v0.36.1 metacpan
Unexpected::Functions A collection of functions used in this distribution v0.36.1 metacpan
Unexpected::TraitFor::ErrorLeader Prepends a leader to the exception v0.36.1 metacpan
Unexpected::TraitFor::ExceptionClasses Define an exception class hierarchy v0.36.1 metacpan
Unexpected::TraitFor::StringifyingError Base role for exception handling v0.36.1 metacpan
Unexpected::TraitFor::Throwing Detects and throws exceptions v0.36.1 metacpan
Unexpected::TraitFor::TracingStacks Provides a minimalist stacktrace v0.36.1 metacpan
Unexpected::Types Defines type constraints v0.36.1 metacpan

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